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Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner: A Shortcut To Mushrooms

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Welcome back to Cat’s Crowdfunding Corner! I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and enjoyed the special edition. We are back to games now, though, so get excited.

Board Games

Forest Fire! By PhosphorLearn Games

Goal: $4,000

Current Percentage: 78%

Days Remaining: 4

Okay, we’re going to start on a serious note here you all. There are so many wildfires right now, affecting people from the Amazon to Hollywood. If you are able in any way to offer support to the areas in need, do so (EN: You can donate to the  California Wildfire Relief Fund here). If right now, all you can do is fund a game that will hopefully inspire the future aid to our lands, then this game is here. It appears to play similar to games like Pandemic and Forbidden Island. Players work as a team to try and save houses, schools, and the forest themselves. If the players are able to reach the end of the deck before the fire spreads out of control, they win. Otherwise, the game is over. While it looks like a pretty simple game, it’s important to remember the power that “simple games” can have, especially when teacher the younger part of our community. Check this out, and if you yourself are affected by the fires, stay safe.

Prototype board


Emperor’s Choice Deluxified Edition by Tasty Minstrel Games

All Goals Reached!

Days Remaining: 2

This is an auction-based strategy game that takes place over six rounds. Players compete for the emperor’s favor, and the victor is the one with the most points at the end. Each round has four phases, functioning similarly to a deck builder. What is unique about this game is that the strategies used in one play-through may be entirely impossible in the next. Not only will the game change based on which tiles and cards are available, but the Imperial Decrees are chosen by a different player each time. Keep track of your rivals and amass your power.

The Qin tiles have been upgraded to more closely resemble real mahjong tiles

Tabletop RPG

City of Solstice: A Setting for OSR Fantasy Campaigns by Apocalyptic Games

Goal: $3,000

Current Percentage: 50%

Days Remaining: 3

City of Solstice is a low magic setting for OSR (Old School Revival) fantasy games  It is also a city run by criminal gangs squabbling for power and the little magic there is. Solstice could fit into your current game as an interesting side plot, serve as the starting point of a new game, or slowly spread to surrounding cities. The campaign setting also offers new rules for magic users, magic items, and class archetypes—such as the Anti-Paladin—for those seeking to make characters from the city. All of the factions sound fascinating, and I love the tweaks made to the magic system. After all, in a setting where most magic is outlawed, you will have to get creative. For those of you who are really invested, you can even pay more to design an NPC or dungeon for the book.


GOAT Dice: Changing the Way We Roll by Goat Dice

All Goals Reached!

Days Remaining: 8

So, this Kickstarter was funded in thirty seconds, and with good reason. I saw the Reddit post that climbed to #1, and knew I was going to have to include them. These dice are stunning. I already am hoping we see full sets. These would be wonderful for spell elements or a dragon’s breath. Personally, my Eladrin Fey Warlock would have a different die per season. Even without the possibility of associations, they’re just beautiful. I look forward to seeing what happens next after this incredible success.

Wild Card

Warren of Vile Fungi by Mortal Arrow

Stretch Goals: $5,000

Current Percentage: 41%

Days Remaining: 13

I really love mushrooms. When the Spore Druid became an option in 5E, the odds of my playing another type of character dropped significantly. These minis are fantastic options for any mushroom lover. Not only are there myconid character options, there are add on fungal creatures as well. And each myconid character has a corrupted form. Players, villains, mycelium societies… there are a lot of wonderful options here. Depending on the end result of funding, all pledges of a certain level will receive free add-on minis as well. These minis are separate from the ones offered as add-ons, so there’s no need to worry about duplicates. But really, can you have too many?

He’s gonna turn you into risotto


That’s all for this week, but tune in next time for more of the hottest November crowdfunding campaigns!


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