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memoir memoir


We expect a lot from prestige names and high price tags. There are so many excellent perfumes that duck under the $100 mark; a...

tropic of capricorn


It’s a commonly held opinion that truly bad art bores its audience. If this is the metric, then Tropic of Capricorn cannot be a...



So you’ve done it – amassed a collection of truly wonderful fragrances. You preside over your glittering bottles like some sort of French dragon...



I once heard that you have the most objective view on a city two weeks after you’ve lived there. Once you become overly familiar...

sartorial sartorial


In the final sartorial episode of 2020, John and Kori talk about this year’s hits and misses, how fragrance handled the COVID pandemic, and...

dodo 2020 dodo 2020


Sometimes in the fragrance world, houses will choose to reformulate a fragrance. Zoologist is one of those houses and has already reformulated scents such...