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New Company Launches Bespoke Fragrances On Subscription

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MOI Fragrances, created from a desire to ensure that every person has a scent that tells their story, and has ownership over that, is setting out to recreate the way that we purchase fragrances. MOI Fragrances is an experience for the independent professionals and executives who wear their identity, and avid fragrance collectors searching for something new.  It is a completely bespoke fragrance offered on subscription. Each season, clients can select the notes and scents that they would like to combine for their new signature fragrance. To ensure that every client owns their unique scent, clients earn commission on referrals to their personal formula.

MOI Fragrances is more than just a company that is going to build timeless fragrances, but it is going change the way we interact with the olfactive world. “My goal is to not only create fragrances, but to tell stories and to create art and technology. I want to meet people who want to change the ordinary things we do, in a profound way.”

Ethan Turner, Executive Director

MOI Fragrances, standing for My Olfactive Imitation, is driven by Sommelier and Perfumer-in-Training Ethan Turner as the flagship brand of Maison Ethan Turner. Trained as a Sommelier, Ethan utilizes his olfactive skills to not only pair the scents that best match each other, but best match the clients expressed needs. Using high-quality materials from major fragrance supply houses, and with meticulous refinement and devoted craftsmanship, the brand is creating designer-grade fragrances. From his fine dining service record, the experience of purchasing a fragrance has never been more personable, enjoyable, or educational.

MOI Fragrances

The MOI Fragrance brand is rapidly growing and in its first 90 days fulfilled over 100 orders. As a trailblazer and a perfumer in training, there has been much credit to Ethan’s ability to create formulas and experiences that are exceptional.

“As a blooming entrepreneur and a master in guest services one can truly feel the attention to detail when it comes to his product. Upon smelling my own fragrance for the first time, I have to admit that I was astonished because I hadn’t ever experienced this fragrance before, and then it dawned on me: This is truly a bespoke scent.”

Eva Cardenas, MOI Fragrance Client

The history of fragrances has always been to enter a store, find a mass-produced fragrance, and smell like everyone else. However, times are changing, subscription services are appearing, and in the world of personalized products MOI couldn’t have found a more quintessential time to launch.

There is nothing more proving of this business than the happy clients who say, “I am a very happy subscriber and love the Maison Ethan Turner Moi concept. The company goes out of its way to help you find your personal fragrance (which in my case was hard)”.

Dan Tyre, Director at HubSpot

MOI Fragrances is planning for its official brand launch party to take place on Sunday, June 13th in Phoenix, AZ at the Mick Brasserie between 2:30pm-5pm. Entrance is $35 and includes include up to 3 glasses of wine and hors d’œuvres. Ethan will be building fragrances on site for a true VIP Experience charging $100 one-time or registering for the subscription at $80 every 90 days. Jeff Menzer, Sommelier on staff, will be sharing wines that inspired Ethan’s journey.

You can find MOI Fragrances on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @MoiFragrances & @MaisonEthanTurner.

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