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Cat Rambo Tackles Sci-Fi In Upcoming Novel ‘You Sexy Thing’

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This November, Cat Rambo, Nebula award winning author of short stories, nonfiction books, and fantasy novels, will release their highly anticipated new novel, You Sexy Thing (Tor Books; November 16, 2021; Hardcover; $25.99).  In their first science fiction novel, Rambo presents a thrilling space opera about Niko Larson, a disgraced admiral who is torn between her will to survive and making peace with her war-ravaged past.

You Sexy Thing By Cat Rambo cover

In You Sexy Thing, Rambo, the two-term president of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) and former co-editor of Fantasy Magazine, brings together the best elements of Farscape and The Great British Bake Off to create an entertaining space romp perfect to curl up with this fall.

Niko Larson, a veteran of the oppressive Holy Hive Mind colonizers, finally seems to be able to relax as she retires from war and conquest. Running a restaurant called The Last Chance on space station TwiceFar, all her worries revolve around making The Last Chance a success. Yet, the day they are set to win the coveted Nikkelin Orb, everything goes awry – starting with TwiceFar blowing up. 

After fleeing on a bioship named You Sexy Thing,, Larson and her crew learn that the vessel – which has feelings of its own and is convinced that it is being stolen – is taking them to the Intergalactic Association of Pirate Havens, a hideaway ruled by Larson’s worst enemy. As her crew attempts to figure out how to escape from almost certain doom, Larson grapples with the intricate ties of friendship and betrayal and discovers that some people are not as they seem. If she has any hope of reviving the Last Chance, she must learn who to trust and who to save…or else, no one will get out alive.

Images via Tor

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