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Bombay and Cedar Provides 5 Lifestyle Products

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Billed as a wellness & lifestyle subscription box, Bombay and Cedar features vegan and cruelty free, full size products including skincare, books, home décor, tech, gourmet goodies, & other products carefully curated for the discerning woman who lives a life inspired.

Well, I’m a woman inspired so I figured why not try this subscription box out too! Unlike FabFitFun or Bespoke Post, the first two boxes that I tried, Bombay and Cedar’s primarily a box full of surprises.

The company offers three separate boxes. A monthly beauty box (similar to most other beauty boxes available), a monthly lifestyle box, and the new quarterly lifestyle box.

6 – 9 Full Size Products in Every Box

Packed with a retail value of over $200

Hand Curated to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Skincare, Books, Snacks, Home Goods, Activities & More

Ships 4 times a year in September, December, March & June

Automatically every three months (Annuals renew yearly)

No contracts. No Commitments. Cancel Anytime.

Bombay and Cedar Seasonal Lifestyle Box

The monthly lifestyle box is similar but comes with only five or six products plus two Bombay & Cedar Essential Oils. It’s also listed as only including items valued above $100 which at approximately $45 a box might not be as much of a return as dedicated subscription box enthusiasts would like.

I picked the quarterly box and for $60 each box, I will ostensibly receive items that are altogether valued over $200. The first box I received was the Winter box including three spoilers, two of which I got to pick.

assorted items from the bombay and cedar box
All my items except the purse.

Spoiler 1 was my pick of a Reed Diffuser by Illume ($40), a Diffuser by Airome ($32.99) or a Wax Warmer by Candle Warmers ($23.99).

I chose the Reed Diffuser by Illume in Evergreen, meant to be a bright winter walk in the forest, with notes of bergamot, balsam, and cedar. Arriving in a beautiful cylindrical box, I love the dark green color of the diffuser and am excited to have something other than air-freshener in my apartment. Its scent is not overwhelming and I love coming home to the fresh smell. The diffuser also came with a funnel which I am unnecessarily excited about because I will totally use it elsewhere.

The second spoiler was my pick of an Ampere Creations vegan leather handbag or wallet from twelve options. I picked the mini-convertible backpack as a gift for my mom ($57). Already with two items, I’ve essentially saved money.

The last of the spoiled items is this Bruja Box Set from Baiser Beauty ($89), which became a birthday gift to a friend.

skincare products and tarot card set

Of the items I had no idea I would receive, two were items I would have probably purchased myself, and two that I have no earthly idea what to do with!

  • Grain Free Ungranola from Bubba’s Fine Foods ($6)
  • Formula no. 11 Hair Growing Oil (35)
  • My Life in Color guided journal ($38)
  • Next Level You Wellness Kit from Droplet ($20)

As someone who eats granola in her yogurt, I’m all for trying new granola and this grain free ungranola is super tasty, and I’m definitely going to try out other flavors in the future. Similarly, since I oil my hair regularly, the hair regrowth oil is interesting and I’ll have to see how well it works.

On the other hand, I am not a journaling type of person nor do I like weirdly flavored sparkling waters. Droplet flavors are made from fresh fruit juices, adaptogens, and superfoods to help destress the drinker and provide antioxidants. Except none of them tasted very good… Of course, the beauty of subscription boxes is that they allow folks to try out different products and nothing in this Bombay and Cedar box made me regret subscribing.

So overall, four of the items are ones I either picked or would have picked if given the choice, one became a birthday gift to someone who will appreciate it, one item got tried, and one is left to be gifted. Weirdest nursery rhyme ever.

For the $60, and coming in approximately at $265, the box is definitely a great deal. However if I subtract the provided prices for the three items I have no use for, it drops to $138. Still a great deal, but not one I am as enthusiastic about, at least in this box.

I am going to try the next seasonal box and based on that one, I’ll keep my year long-subscription or cancel. Can’t wait to see what the March box brings!

Images courtesy of Bombay and Cedar.

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