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Become One Big Blob Together In ‘Blob Party’

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Blob Party is a play dough co-operative party game where everyone is trying to become one blob by picking the same answers as all other players. Many other games focus on breaking from the pack, but this one builds everyone together to form one large group or friends playing a fun party game. The game is about thinking the same, becoming a big blob, and winning. The game is for 4-8 players and is played in about 15 minutes. The game is designed by Pam Walls and published by Wizkids who also published Yosemite, Marvel Remix, Bequest, Zombie Princess, and Jinja.

Blob Party box art

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Big blob of dough
  • 8 Eyes
  • 8 Answer cards
  • 1 Word deck
  • 1 Category deck
  • 8 Dry erase markers

How’s it Play?

Each player has their own portion of dough, one of the eyes that comes with the game, an answer card, and one of the dry erase markers. The top card of the category deck is flipped over and laid face up for everyone to see. A player then draws three cards from the Word deck and chooses one to go with the category. The chosen card is then placed next to the category card, and the other two are discarded.

Players then individually and secretly write an answer they think fits both cards on their answer card. There are no limits to the number of words, and spelling doesn’t matter. The only limitation is that your answer cannot match with any of the words on the cards.

blob party example
blob party one big blob

When all players are ready, everyone shows their answers to everyone. Whoever has a match with another player, their blobs of dough join together, placing their eyes on the blob. Multiple blobs can be formed if multiple players have similar answers. The eyes then tell everyone which players are part of which blob. Players can decide if answers are similar enough to to match or if they are not close enough. It’s up to you and your group to figure out how strict you want to be.

If all players give the same answer, everyone wins, as there will be one giant blob. If not, new cards are drawn out, and if you joined a blob of another player, that group works together to come up with one answer for the team. This continues until all players merge their dough together to form one giant blob. If this is not done in 7 rounds the game ends, the players lose because one giant blob didn’t get formed.

The Verdict

blob party playing
blob party joining teams

This is a party game that does the opposite of a game like Just One. Instead of trying to choose words that no one else is going to pick, you are trying to choose a word most other players will pick. Because of this, it really comes to choosing the first word that comes to mind. This isn’t always the best word because everyone thinks a little differently, but it most likely is your best chance.

The game gives you 7 rounds to connect with everyone else. I like the fact that this most likely won’t happen in the first round. Usually players slowly join together until finally everyone is part of the same group with one big blob. The fun in the game is matching others, and you can see who thinks wildly different from everyone else.

blob party components on the table

The components in the game work well, though I wish there was more dough to use. When lots of players are playing the game, the amount of dough everyone gets is very small, and seems like there could be more used for the game. The eyes added to the blob are cute, but I’ve found that they’re usually not necessary. Often, players tend to not want to deal with that part of the game eventually, as it’s mostly for aesthetics.

This is a more laid back party game that is best played when players don’t know other players and are trying to get to know each other a bit. For example, this is a perfect game for when a new game group is getting together prior to playing other games. But I don’t see the game lasting longer, as players feel like they are either not heard or not playing the game when joining a bigger group, as that group is only coming up with one answer together. So ultimately, this feels like a game that’s suited for specific situations, but that situation isn’t one I find myself in often, and for others, maybe not at all.

Images via WizKids

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