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Marvel Remix Mirrors Fantasy Realms For One Of The Best Marvel Games Out There

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Marvel Remix is a reimplementation of Fantasy Realms by WizKids, a card game that has become very popular. It’s mechanics are very solid and has been re-themed with Star Trek, and now Marvel. This reimplementation with Marvel is done really well because it all comes together very easily, mostly due to many of the Marvel movies that have brought multiple superheroes together. So in this game when you have Spiderman, Loki, Black Panther, and Bruce Banner, who soon will become the Hulk….. it doesn’t feel off like maybe it would before 2012. So it really feels like the mechanics were actually made specifically for this game.

You will be managing a hand of 7 cards to building a team of heroes and allies, arming them with equipment and maneuvers, visiting specific locations, and then taking on one of the villains. Who do you want on your team? And will your team be better than all the other players?

What’s in the Box?

  • 61 Remix Cards
  • 18 Villain Cards
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 1 Rulebook

How’s it Play?

The object is to score the highest amount of points among all the players. Each player starts with 6 random remix cards and 1 villain card. Each round you will draw cards from the remix deck, the villain deck, or the discard area. You will then review your hand and choose one card to then discard into the discard area. Each card is unique and has a point value of its own, and many have additional ways to score more points based on all the other cards in your hand. 

Let’s check out some examples:

On the right in the image below is Tony stark, worth 3 points, and the card has other icons to score other points with. But, he will transform into Iron Man with 2 or more intel icons. Because I have 2 intel icons (the eye icon seen on all three cards below) I will flip Tony’s card over. Now, he is worth 8 points and there are additional icons to make him worth even more depending on which other cards I play. 

In the next image, I have the Arc Reactor that actually goes with Iron Man and the three previously played cards. The Arc Reactor card is worth 0 points up front, but +9 points for each tech icon (the red icon circle with circuitry). Since I already have 2 tech icons from my other cards, that’s 18 points, and I will still be looking to add more of this icons to my hand.

This next image has the card Secret ID, it’s worth 8 points up front, but is blanked, meaning it will score no points unless I have a hero and a location with an urban symbol on it (the magenta cityscape icon). Fortunately, I do, so now the card is worth 8 points. Valkyrie is worth 7 points, and the Runaway Train gives me 4 more for Valkyrie having a strength icon (green fist), bringing the total for these three cards to 19.

So, as you play you will be checking out both the base power on the top left and also the text abilities, as they can give you significantly more points to do well in the game. There are several types of cards including heroes, allies, conditions, equipment, locations, maneuvers, and villains. Each can pair up with your other cards to unlock points in different ways.

Cards all list their tags on the left side. These tags aren’t worth points on their own, but when another card refers to a specific tag, then it very well can score points. The text is listed on the bottom of the card and can also add or remove tags, award points, or give a specific bonus which only affect your own cards and not any other player’s cards. 

Flow of the Game

Again, everyone starts with 7 cards. On your turn you will take 1 card from the remix deck, the villain deck, or the discard area. You will add it to your hand, and then decide on a card in your hand to place in the discard area. As the game goes on there will be more face up cards for players to see and plan for out in the discard area. Whenever there are 10 cards in the discard area, the the game ends and players count their points. For your hand to be valid for points at the end of the game, you need at least one hero or ally and at least one villain. If you don’t have these, you score 0 points. If you have a card that says it or another card is blanked, that means it won’t count toward points in your hand (unless there are conditions otherwise, as above). 

You’ll probably want to count tags separately before counting your bonuses, as card texts may alter the tags printed on the cards. Ignore any cards that are blanked when scoring. Add up your total base power from your cards first, then add up all the bonuses granted by the card’s text next. Remember, card text only cares about what is in your hand, not about the cards in all other player’s hands. The player with the highest score wins the game. 

Check out this video reel to see my final hand. It’s on my Instagram, so click below to watch it.

My final score? 68. Not bad at all.

The Verdict

Marvel Remix is a solid fast playing game that is one of the best Marvel games I have played. The cards get me excited about the Marvel universe. I get to find all my favorite heroes in addition to matching them up with other cards that make for an exciting story, told through the 7 cards you have in your hand. Marvel Remix doesn’t just live on because of its theme, but the gameplay and game itself is a great system. Strategy plays a large part in the game, and for that reason this has been one of the best Marvel games I have played. 

I anticipate additional decks to add to this game that will unleash more of the Marvel universe and open the game up a little more. I’m not sure precisely how the balancing is done in the game, but, for example, if you a card requires a certain icon, then if you add more cards into the game that don’t have that icon, the other scoring card will be less powerful.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that cards don’t always depend on in-universe characterization or worldbuilding. Many times a Spiderman card will go very well with another Spiderman type card, but it can also be used without having Spiderman in your hand. Heroes can use their “own” cards in a very powerful way, but they can also be used by other heroes, though maybe in a slightly less powerful way.  Meaning, the icons don’t line up to give you the more amount of points as they would with a different card.

Ultimately, Marvel Remix is a great game. It has a great theme. It uses a great card system. I can think of so many other IPs (Intellectual properties) that could use this system and be super awesome. If you have ever seen the question as to what story, tv series, movie, or book needs a game? Well this card system could probably be adjusted to support any of those. For me, I would like to see The 100, Stranger Things, Tales From the Loop, a horror movie remix using all older horror movie stories, or even a fantasy football themed game. I know others here on The Fandomentals would probably like to see Warrior Nun, Disney, or Star Wars. What type of IP would you like strapped to the Fantasy Realms system?

You can pick up Marvel Remix from the Wizkids shop, Amazon, or your FLGS starting July 1st!

Images via WizKids images taken by Brody Sheard from The Fandomentals

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