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Black Lightning’s Lynn Is Awesome

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This week’s Black Lightning finally gives me the Lynn I’ve been craving and reveals more than I thought would occur in one episode! Like Anissa’s powers to her parents!

Lynn vs. Black Lightning Part 2

Last week ended with Jefferson as BL knocked out in a pool of water. So Gambi asks Lynn for help figuring out what’s going on with Jefferson. This inside the episode shows some of that and commentary from Christine Adams that after the breakup, Lynn focused on her education, leading to her Ph.D. and now work in neuroscience. I love that because it highlights that both of them immersed themselves in education and their kids.

In the ep, Lynn explicitly tells both Gambi and Jefferson she’s done. She’s tired of thinking about someone finding Jefferson’s dead body. She doesn’t care about Jefferson avenging Alvin because nothing he does will actually bring him back. It’s a harsh statement, but the truth and I do love Lynn always saying how she feels. She’s definitely the glue to this family.

Of course, as a neuroscientist and Jeff’s ex, she does look into scans of his brain to figure out why he’s struggling. Too bad his brain scan shows similarities to those of Greenlight users. The gray matter is all lit up though it shouldn’t be. (Did y’all see her assistant on the phone watching her though?) There are so many questions and so few answers!

Later Gambi comes to ask Lynn for her help in stopping Jefferson from trying to kill Tobias but she straight up tells him to leave her out of it! After all, Alvin raised Jefferson and Gambi raised Black Lightning, but both were raised on the streets of Freeland.

The Search For Tobias

Jefferson’s search for Tobias this week without Gambi’s support is a lot. Though it’s good to see Jefferson notice all the stuff the audience sees about Gambi, but it’s a huge problem that Jefferson is ready to put Tobias’ “albino ass in the ground” (oof). It’s the first time we’ve heard Jefferson go beyond his need to help Freeland into avenging his father.

Jefferson even looks up what health issues a person with albinism has and finds the nearest doctor who just so happens to be Tobias’ doctor and tells him to make up a reason for Tobias to get a checkup.


Ultimately before he can kill Tobias, who put Tori in protection to hide her from Lady Eve, by the way, Gambi patches Lynn through to convince him to remember who he really is. He anchors his daughters but can’t do that if he commits murder. She also admits that she had been angry for not being first in his life but understands his duty and finally accepts it.

That conversation is interrupted when someone breaks into her lab, and Jefferson immediately turns from Tobias and friends to save her.

Anissa Arrested

Of course, it’s not Black Lightning without his daughters doing their own thing. Anissa’s second arrest this season is after she and others shoot paint at a statue, and it’s another reminder of police brutality. Jefferson tells her “it only takes one cop to see your skin color instead of your humanity” and he could lose her.

It’s something he’s told her and Jennifer time and time again and plenty of Black parents tell their kids daily, but Anissa obviously won’t back down.

Later she actually destroys the monument with one stomp after a white nationalist protest to keep the monument ends with the death of another protester. It’s a great scene, but also shows that she’s still working out her strength. And clearly a parallel with Charlottesville. Afterwards, she actually calls Lynn to tell her she has to show her something. This is after Lynn lets Anissa know that the vial from last week is undergoing testing like Anissa asked for.

At which time Anissa also drops the truth bomb that her mom couldn’t handle Jefferson’s marriage to saving the world. (Which is why Lynn admits to Jefferson about coming in second.)

Though Anissa’s not the only one dealing with emotion this week.

Heartbreak and Drama

Jennifer, sadly, finally breaks up with Khalil. At first, she was feeling guilty about dreaming about a “normal” prom and dating. Something she won’t get with Khalil. It’s a realistic response and I appreciated that Anissa’s advice was about her having to make a choice and not that she’s a bad person.

But that choice is really nonexistent because some of the students have been saying crap about Jennifer and Khalil joined in, calling her “Becky with the good hair” who dances like she’s white. I’m not going to touch on the scene beyond noting that there’s a specific way teenage boys treat girls, and I thought the writers did an incredible job with the scene. I’m frustrated with Khalil’s plot. He blamed Jennifer for his paralysis! Seeing him with Tobias later, who promises Khalil will walk again, just cements my worry with that plot point.

But Jefferson’s entire discussion with Jennifer is incredible and I hope all of you watch it.

Then there’s what we’ve all been waiting for!

Revelations Part 1

Jefferson makes it to Lynn’s lab moments after Anissa has scared away Lady Eve’s plumber crew sent to get Lynn’s files.

The ensuing incredibly directed fight scene where Jefferson has to work to subdue Anissa is awesome. Then he realizes his daughter has powers like him!! Well, technically Lynn is the first to say it aloud in ‘Gambi with a Gun’s’ Van. The episode ends with Anissa waking up to her mom and Jefferson in his suit without the headpiece.

But not before I yelled WTF about five times.

Revelations Part 2


Or should I say Evelyn, because that’s what our shadiest mother, Gambi calls her! She asks how he got past all her guards, and he said he taught her everything she knows when they were in the agency together? Literally what the actual f? He wants to know why they went after Lynn. The Pierce family is off limits. After all, he didn’t out Tobias, and even though he didn’t go into business with Eve like she had wanted, they had a deal. As long as Tobias’ dirty business stays quiet, Gambi’s good. Oh boy. Gambi what have you done in your 60+ years of life?!

This episode was one of my favorites even if I spent a lot of going WTF. Honestly, I’m still stuck on Grandpa Gambi and Lynn this week. The writers answered some questions but gave us way more, and now I’m left wondering if we’re going to get a flashback at all of Gambi pre-retired days. (Not that he’s all that retired.) What did y’all think?

Random Tidbits

  • Gambi picking up Jefferson in his big van and in that hat was a look I was not expecting.
  • Syonide talked! Twice!
  • Tobias has the police chief under his thumb. How unsurprising.
  • Lady Eve called Thunder a metahuman!

Next week it’s the Jefferson and Anissa adventures!

Image courtesy of The CW

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