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Shailyn Cotten is a New York-based novelist, screenwriter, and undergraduate studying film at the School of Visual Arts. If you can’t find her perusing used bookstores, or buying up games in a Steam sale that she likely won’t ever play, you might be able to find her doing something productive, like writing articles for The Fandomentals, creating content for her YouTube channel Shai, or writing blog posts for her website,


Content Warning: This review discusses spoilers, attempted abortion, and forced violence. Just how does a bank heist of all things fit into this season...


Magicians gives us the answer we’ve been waiting for in “The Cock Barrens.” Let’s take a look. Recap We open with Quintin returning to...


Content Warning: This review discusses an attempted pregnancy termination, forced violence/possession, and major character death, as depicted on the show. I’m finally rejoining and...

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