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AEG Announces Kickstarter For “High Roller” Edition Of Horse Racing Party Game Ready Set Bet

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Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) announced today the upcoming Kickstarter launch of Ready Set Bet: High Roller the deluxe edition of their board game Ready, Set, Bet! This exciting new edition is set to launch on Kickstarter on March 5th at 9:00 AM Pacific, promising an enhanced gaming experience with premium components, exclusive content, and immersive gameplay that takes the original game to the next level.

Ready Set Bet is AEG’s “0 player” party game designed by John D Clair that brings a day at the races right to your table. “Ready Set Bet High Roller Edition” is our most requested item by fans of the game, and we are so excited to be able to bring it to you.

What’s New in the High Roller Edition?

Ready Set Bet: High Roller box

A Luxury Gaming Experience: Every component has been scaled up and upgraded, offering an unparalleled tactile and visual experience.

Oversized Deluxe Components including:

  • A unique game box that looks great on your shelf and carefully holds all of the components
  • A massive 25″ x 48″ neoprene Bet Mat
  • A 25″ x 14″ neoprene Race Track Mat
  • Premium Poker chips for gameplay and money
  • Stable of perfectly sized named horses
  • Vegas Style Dice
Ready Set Bet: High Roller  deluxe playmat

The Kickstarter campaign for Ready Set Bet: High Roller offers various backing options, with exclusive rewards for early supporters and newsletter subscribers. Fans of board games and those looking for a “high-quality, engaging party gaming experience” are encouraged to mark their calendars for March 5th and join the race to make Ready Set Bet: High Roller a reality.

For more information on Ready Set Bet: High Roller, check out the Kickstarter Campaign.

Images via Alderac Entertainment Group

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