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Purgatory is Paradise on Wynonna Earp



Wynonna Earp Season 3, Episode 8 Review “Waiting Forever for You”

It’s date night in Purgatory this week, which mean’s nothing will go as planned, demons will show up, and maybe someone will lick a potato. That’s right, this week brings us the infamous potato licking scene from the S3 trailer. Just why does Robin lick a potato? Let’s find out.

OMG, What?

I dig the sibling dynamic between these two.

We open on Wynonna teaching Jeremy how to play pool. He leaves her to deal with Charlie, whom she’d ghosted after last week; she tells Jeremy to lock up Bulshar’s ring, then agrees to dinner with Charlie. Bulshar, meanwhile, raises the previously-buried-alive-in-salt Constance Clootie, aka the Stone Witch, from the dead. He hands the mummified Constance a long, serrated blade, telling her not to fail him again. Kate has kidnapped a man for Doc to eat, but he leaves, preferring to hunt for himself. Jeremy invites Robin to a “big gay dinner” hosted by Waverly. On the hunt, Doc attacks Robin in the woods.

“What you want to do is aim right for the placenta stain, which should drive the seven ball straight into that corner pocket-slash-stirrup.”—Wynonna

Doc brings Robin to Jeremy because he tastes “like fouled earth” and might be ill. Charlie and Wynonna’s dinner date is going awkwardly when Jeremy interrupts to explain about Doc being a vampire and biting Robin. Wynonna takes Charlie along to hunt vampires. Charlie traps Doc in a holy-water-soaked rope while Wynonna confronts Kate. At the homestead, Jeremy/Robin meet up with Waverly/Nicole for dinner. Kate tells Wynonna that Doc is responsible for turning her into a vampire. When she came to America looking for freedom, Doc helped protect her from a man whose fortune she refused to read. At Shorty’s, Charlie and Doc bicker about Wynonna until mummified Constance shows up.

“You should at least get to know a lady before you try to kill her.”—Kate

Doc and Charlie take on the mummy. In the fight, Doc realizes it’s Constance and has Charlie call Wynonna. She ignores the call. Kate continues her story of the past, how she left Doc with Wyatt to return to Hungary when he was dying. At the homestead, Waverly and Robin banter until Robin goes all weird talking about seeds in the ground that Bulshar can talk to. In the dining room, Bulshar’s ring (that Jeremy locked up) appears up in a biscuit Nicole is serving. Robin runs off. Doc and Charlie try to throw mummified Constance in the well; instead, she steals their car.

“What do you think a potato feels when it’s in the ground?”—Robin

Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy find Robin in the barn, half-naked, picking at his bite wound, and talking about ‘fertilizing the soil.’ Constance finds Kate and Wynonna but leaves them be. Doc’s struggling bloodlust leads to him asking Charlie to punch him. In the barn, Robin snaps out of his trance, then Constance shows up and digs around Doc’s things. Waverly puts on Bulshar’s ring and inadvertently uses it to magically throw Constance out of the barn. However, Constance stole three tarot cards from Doc, who had stolen them from Kate after Sheriff Clootie came to her for a reading. He had asked her to help him find something in the Ghost River Triangle, and she refused to read his future. Constance delivers the cards to Bulshar: Past, the devil; Present, the lovers; Future, the tower.

“I touched tentacle goo and made a lightning rod out of spoons.”—Waverly

Wynonna and Kate find Constance, and Wynonna ends her life. Charlie and Doc square-off over Wynonna. Meanwhile, believing her and Bulshar’s fates are linked, Wynonna asks Kate to read her tarot. Nicole and Jeremy try to remove Bulshar’s ring, which is stuck on Waverly’s finger. They discover that her wearing it has made a word appear on the band. Wynonna interrupts with the results of her reading: the devil for the past, the tower for the present, and the lovers for the future. Wynonna says he is looking for the first two lovers, Adam and Eve. Jeremy interjects with the translation of the word on Bulshar’s ring: garden of paradise. Robin arrives just in time to tell them Bulshar has already found the Garden of Eden.

“Nobody deserves to be somebody’s meat puppet.”—Wynonna

Kate brings a basket of breadsticks to Wynonna from Charlie. She tells Wynonna of her final run-in with Constance, after she’d returned for Doc. When Constance refused to help her find Doc, Kate became a vampire so she could search for him. Kate tells Wynonna Doc became a vampire for Wynonna then leaves to ‘find a stagecoach.’ Wynonna finds Doc in the barn, where they agree to overcome their differences to fight Bulshar together. Speaking of the devil, Bulshar arrives and blows a white powder in their faces.

Favorite One Liner: “You may have made me what I am, but that does not make you my mistress.”—Doc

I Gotta Say…

First off, some highlights. The music this episode had a Stranger Things vibe to it that worked well to set the tone for Robin’s scenes. The potato-licking bit was weird, and I don’t think worth all the pre-season freak-out, but I enjoyed his plotline. I’m curious to see the follow through on his statements about the trees ‘unwillingly’ working for Bulshar. When we first met the murder trees, they seemed sinister. To learn that they may be ‘bark puppets’ the way Constance was a meat puppet is a major revelation. I want to know more about that for sure! And I’m also intrigued by his connection to the trees and Doc’s statement about him tasting like ‘fouled earth.’ What is that about?

I’m disappointed no one made a bloody mouth pun.

Speaking of unexpected connections, Waverly being the one to end up with Bulshar’s ring took me by surprise. I’ll admit, I’m disappointed. When it found its way back to Nicole again this episode, I assumed it had something to do with her being a survivor. I liked the idea of her getting a chance to be the special one with the unique connection to the supernatural, because she so rarely gets to have the spotlight. I love Waverly, don’t get me wrong, and love seeing her get to be a badass. And the ring clearly has something to do with her angelic lineage, so it makes sense. Still, I don’t understand why the ring kept showing up with Nicole if it was meant for Waverly.

Another source of confusion stemmed from the Garden of Eden reveal. I enjoy the irony of Purgatory being Paradise, though the idea of Paradise being in America took my brain immediately to Mormonism.

But since when is the Ghost River Triangle (GRT) ‘protecting’ anything? In the first season, the show established that the GRT existed to keep the demons connected to the Earp curse in, not to protect something from being found. I understand that as the show evolves we receive new information. The GRT being a sanctuary of some kind on its own is fine. So does containing the Earp curse demons to prevent them from ravaging the earth. What doesn’t make sense is keeping the demons imprisoned in the Garden of Eden. Who would do this? Why? Chaining up demons in paradise seems like a truly bad idea. I know Andras is not known for her, ah, worldbuilding consistency, but this still baffles me.

Another highlight was seeing the unexpected team ups to come from date night, like Charlie with Doc and Kate with Wynonna. I’m not sure how well it subverted the love triangle tropes since both pairs spent at least half their time together sniping at the other for their interest in Doc or Wynonna. Still, some of their interactions were surprisingly amicable. Wynonna and Kate especially. I’m honestly surprised Kate ended up being the lover to leave, given her initial animosity. I have a feeling Charlie will not go so gently.

At the same time, I found certain aspects of the main plot arc with these four everywhere on the spectrum from annoying to…let’s got with in poor taste for now. The dialogue lampshading Wynonna blaming Kate for turning Doc didn’t make the fact of that any less an example of catty women fighting over a man. Nor did the dialogue lampshading how well Kate fits into the sexy lady vampire trope make the fact that she does fit it any less true. Someone needs to inform the writers that lampshading the use of a bad or clichéd trope isn’t subversion.

Someone should also point out that Kate’s initial description of her backstory with Doc contradicts what actually happened. Kate tells Wynonna, “Doc is the one responsible for turning me.” She then proceeds to tell a story where she willingly became a vampire to find him after he’d been thrown in the well by Constance Clootie. How is Doc responsible for her choice?

Multiple times this episode Kate and Doc underscore the point that no one tells him what to do, no one controls him. He makes his own choices. At the same time, Kate denies herself agency in her own choices, giving all the responsibility and blame to Doc. She blames Doc for ‘making her’ become a vampire because she loved him so much. She blames Doc for her choice to leave him behind to go to back to Hungary. And, she blames Doc for not chasing after her, even though he believed she left him and didn’t care about him anymore. It’s his fault for not knowing she wanted him to chase her and instead going to Constance for eternal life after Wyatt also abandoned him.

The show portrayed Kate blaming Doc for her choices while simultaneously denying herself agency for making them. Doc wasn’t responsible for turning her, she made a choice. To see a woman denying herself agency because she was chasing down a man on a show that’s widely lauded as feminist doesn’t sit well with me.

Especially a Black woman.

This is where the plot moves from unconvincing and frustrating to at the very least insensitive and in poor taste. I’ll come back to agency in a second, but first I want to address Kate’s backstory as a Black daughter of European nobility.

On the one hand, I applaud the show for bringing attention to an aspect of history that’s often overlooked. The whitewashing of people of color from European history is a significant problem in the way we, meaning Western white people, tell history. With white supremacy a growing problem in our society, audiences need to know that people of color existed in Europe for centuries and were more than slaves. They were merchants, business owners, and nobility. They were courtiers, courtesans, and people of influence. With all the choices available for a backstory, they went with one that brings attention to the erasure of non-slave Black folk in Europe. For that, I give them props.

On the other hand, this backstory exists in the same season that has brought us the swapping out of one Black love interest for another, the death of the only primary character of color/love interest for the protagonist, jokes about a Black woman’s nose and lips, and a “sexy vampire lady” played by a Black woman. Kate is the most sexualized character on the show right now, and with everything else about her character, that aspect leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In that context, her backstory feels like an attempt to be ‘woke’ without doing due diligence elsewhere in the series.

Moreover, this very same episode gives us a story where a white woman ‘grants independence’ to a Black woman who then says ‘independence didn’t take’ when she goes off looking for her white husband. And then the Black woman ends up leaving so that her white husband can be happy with his white lover. Just…yikes, writers.

Y I K E S.

Wynonna Earp desperately needs to do more than lip-service for its characters of color. Black fans deserve more than a historically woke backstory over halfway through a season that doesn’t feel like it’s taken the time to screen jokes and plotlines for potentially problematic implications. The writers need to watch their language about characters of color, what jokes they’re telling about them, and how the characters end up leaning into potentially harmful tropes. So while I applaud them for giving her a backstory that reminds audiences that Black people were nobles in Europe, there’s so much more work to be done. I said it when Doc was killed off and I’ll say it again: Wynonna Earp desperately needs to hire Black writers.

I’ll end on a positive note. I thoroughly I appreciated the women-loving-women and men-loving-men solidarity this episode. Big Gay Dinner may not seem like a big gay deal, but it is. We rarely see queer folk being friends with other queer folk and just…hanging out. Being friends and doing things together. I hope we get more scenes like this. Not only do we have four canonically queer characters on one television show, they’re all friends. That’s truly special.

I see you, Andras

  • How were Kate and Constance able to hold Peacekeeper without it burning them? Or would they just not have been able to shoot it? I seem to remember demons can’t even hold the gun. Oh well. Another week, another forgotten aspect of Peacekeeper’s lore.
  • Yay, women comparing pain. Fun.
  • Can we please stop using gendered slurs against women on a show widely proclaimed as feminist?
  • Is it me or has Waverly has gotten…shallower? The Waverly we met in S1 with her jean shorts, braid, and shotgun wouldn’t have cared if the ring were a ‘princess cut’ or not.
  • Do the Present and Future cards being different for Bulshar and Wynonna mean anything?

See you next week for “Undo It,” where we might be getting another AU-style episode, as Bulshar promises Wynonna will watch the world burn for eternity. Sounds hellish!

Images courtesy of SyFy

Bi, she/her. Gretchen is a Managing Editor for the Fandomentals. An unabashed nerdy fangirl and aspiring sci/fi and fantasy author, she has opinions about things like media, representation, and ethics in storytelling.

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Archie Goes Full Dufresne On Riverdale




After last week’s exciting change of pace, Archie and the gang return to the present time in “Chapter Forty: The Great Escape” and boy, is it a drag (no, not the fun kind).


As Archie’s brilliant escape plan to run in the middle of the day, in plain sight of the guards and other prisoners, is failing miserably, we’re back at the bunker, with Betty catching Jughead and the Serpents playing G&G.

Betty tells Jug everything she’s learned from her mother, while Jughead shares his own discoveries about the game. He insists that G&G somehow reflect the real life, Riverdale’s life specifically. Betty is skeptical, so she decides to deal with feasible suspects aka the Midnight Club for now, while Jughead continues playing in order to get to the Gargoyle King his own way.

After Hiram lets Veronica know about Archie’s unsuccessful escape attempt, she decides to take the matters into her own hands. Through her connections in the, um, teenage filial of the local mafia she unknowingly gets herself invited to the warden’s little fight club. She gets a little private time with Archie and they sorta figure out a possible way to break Archie out.

Meanwhile, Betty recruits Josie, Kevin, and Reggie to discreetly question their parents about the Midnight Club. To their kids’ surprise, Mayor McCoy and ex-Sheriff Keller deny even really knowing each other back in high school, let alone dating, while Reggie gets a black eye for even mentioning G&G to his dad.

Unfortunately, the investigation has to be cut short when Veronica comes to all of her friends for help in getting Archie out of juvie. Betty tries to get Jughead on board, but he’s so cut up in a game that he sees the juvie break as nothing more than a great idea for the Serpents’ next G&G mission.

Speaking of juvie, Archie is granted a fancy meal with the warden, who informs Archiekins it’s also gonna be his last one. “The final meal before the final fight”, he says. Warden Norton also all but says outright its’ Hiram’s order. Archie takes a chance asks to hear how Hiram managed to set him up, and warden complies. When asked if Hiram also “owns” him, warden declares his soul “belongs to no mere mortal”, probably alluding to God… Or someone else.

Back at the speakeasy, Veronica lays out her elaborate escape plan for Archie. Basically, they go in undercover to the fight club, create a diversion with self-created smoke bombs (… I know), Archie escapes through the sewer drain, at the end of which Betty will be waiting for him on the Jug’s motorcycle (that she drives impeccably now, apparently).

Mid 2000’s teen rom-com shenanigans realness

Right before Archie starts his final match, he gets stabbed by Joaquin. The latter immediately apologizes and insists the warden said this is the only way he can “ascend”.

It’s game time! Literally and metaphorically. While the gang executes their rescue mission, Jughead and the Serpents are on a G&G quest of their own, that coincidentally mirrors everything the other team is doing. While trying to open the sewer drain grade, Kevin sees Joaquin running for his life through the woods. Kevin decides to follow him and leaves his task to Betty.

Back at the fight club,  Archie is up for his match. And his opponent is no other than Mad Dog. Archie tells him about the escape plan, but it seems like Mad Dog has accepted his fate.

Veronica runs into her father at the fight club, but before he can do anything to stop them she, Reggie, and Josie are setting the pan in motion. Their very slow distraction works and Archie jumps into the drain, while Mad Dog heroically holds off the guards.

At the end of the sewer, Betty meets injured Archie. They race on a bike through the woods to safety, but unfortunately, get caught by the warden and the juvie guards. But PLOT TWIST! It isn’t Archie up on a bike, it’s Kevin. They were a decoy for the guards, while Ronnie and the rest of the crew got Archie to safety at the bunker, where Jughead and the Serpents also just finished their G&G quest.

Tony patches up Archie’s stab wound, and the gang notices the warden has branded Archie with a symbol, similar to those on Ben and Dilton’s backs.

Back at the Lodges, Hermione is going off on Hiram for participating in the underground teen fight club as if she, as a mayor, doesn’t have enough problem to deal with. Veronica arrives just in time for some ass whooping as well.

But *now* we said it.

At Pop’s, Kevin tells Josie and Reggie that he didn’t find Joaquin after all, all while the news of Archie’s escape is heard on the radio. The triple also decides to play G&G by themselves, to find out what their parents, and Betty, don’t tell them about the game.

While watching over Archie at the bunker, Betty and Jug discuss how warden Norton fits into this whole G&G narrative. In the meantime, the warden himself is at his office, getting notified the mayor is here to see him. But unfortunately, they’ll have to reschedule, because the warden just drank the good ol’ cyanide-infused Fresh-Aid.

The episode concludes with Jughead getting back home from the bunker when he finally encounters the Gargoyle King himself.


I honestly don’t have a lot on this one. The episode revolves solely around juvie plot and we all know how I feel about it. The escape sequence is extremely silly, but sticking with Riverdale for so long, nothing fazes me anymore.

My favourite scene was probably Hermione cussing out her dumbass family.  Marisol Nichols did some amazing acting, and it was just so pleasant seeing Hermione to blow up like this. In Season 2 her character felt very Stepford wife (but make it mafia), so it’s great to see her getting some of that agency and character back.

The theory that someone of the Lodges is the Gamemaster behind this G&G madness grows stronger this episode. Killing the Red Paladin aka Archie was obviously a part of Warden Norton’s quest, and we know from the warden himself Hiram ordered to get rid of Archie. Or was the warden lying? Also interesting how Hermione was at the juvie when Norton ended his life. Could be nothing, could be something.

Next week, Archie is fugitive on the run, while Jughead discovers a new piece of the G&G puzzle…

Images courtesy of CW

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I like my women… competent




Criminal minds is a show that I enjoy watching despite sometimes watching it trough my fingers. It never fails to get my adrenaline going. One of it’s many great traits is the selection and capability of present female characters, be it unsubs or agents. The lead women are versatile and different while still having a few common traits. Furthermore they’re always competent and do the job the best they can.

The leader

Emily Prentiss is one of member of the team that was with them from almost the beginning. She went trough all the career steps, finally becoming the team leader.

Her being in charge was one of my favorite story lines. She earned that privilege with exceptional service and field work with various agencies. Her character replaced Aaron Hotchner as unit chief in season 12 after he resigned. It’s wonderful to finally see a woman leading a team; it happens so rarely. She has a great deal of experience with many different cultures as her parents were diplomats. That’s also how she speaks a few different languages, and it’s a skillset that has helped solve quite a few cases.

While on cases, she’ s rarely upset or lets her emotions get in the way, which is one of the reasons why she makes a great unit chief. She is level headed and calm and always factors many different scenarios into her decisions. With that being said she is also quick on her feet and can make split second decisions when she needs to.

While being calm and collected she still empathizes with the victims and their families and doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself to protect others. She’s not only a skilled field agent but also an undercover operator, which was shown in her stint catching Ian Doyle. That particular unsub also forces her to fake her own death without informing her team, with JJ and Hotchner being the only exceptions. She eventually reunites with the team in season 7 after the whole Doyle debacle was over.

She isn’t with the BAU the entire time. As previously stated she also work with other agencies like the Interpol. Even if she isn’t always with the team, she is referenced and talked about or pops up for a visit. Her work as unit chief hasn’t always been smooth sailing either. She was reassigned after she pursued a case and went toe to toe with Linda Barnes, who disbanded the team.

The mother

Jennifer “JJ” Jareau is the only women on the team with a family. She has two sons with her husband Will, who was a police detective in New Orleans. The fact that JJ is a mother strongly affects the way she acts and responds.

Although she started working when she wasn’t a mom, she always sympathized with the victims and their families the most visibly. Since she started as a police and media liaison, JJ was often responsible for contacting the families of the victims or their loved ones. She always did a great job while consoling them.

Her early role as media liaison made her the “media face” of the bureau, as she often spoke at press conferences. She was also responsible for choosing the cases the team would be working on, so her job came with a lot of responsibility. Her excellent work in that position was the reason for her reassignment and classified assignment. After her comeback in season 7, she made the change to profiler and her responsibilities were taken over by Hotch and Penelope. She is a skilled profiler, as even before she was one she was often crucial to solving cases and did that job even without the title. Her transition was also easier because she observed the team as their liaison.

She was one of the two people to know that Emily didn’t die. As they are close friends. JJ was also the one who met Prentiss in Paris after her “death”.” That close friendship is a recurring theme with the two characters, as Prentiss comes back when Jennifer is missing.

JJ has been trough tough times including the suicide of her older sister, her classified assignment, not to mention the toll the cases take. While she can wear her heart on her sleeve, she is also a skilled operator who will do anything for her family and for the people she loves. As my choice of calling her “the mother” implies, Jennifer is the one who takes care of all the team members. She shares a special bond with Reid, who is the godfather of her son Henry.

Finally, Jennifer is also a great leader, which was showcased when she replaced Emily Prentiss in the role of team leader. Although she has the ability to lead she doesn’t aspire to be the BAU’s chief. She’s content being an SSA.

Baby Girl

The first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Penelope Garcia is her relationship with Derek Morgan, well, and her unique personality.

Penelope is a former hacker gone good who’s now a technical analyst. Out of all the Criminal Minds characters, she’s the most colorful one—literally. Garcia often offers comic relief and a sense of light and joy to the intense show, and is the one the audience can probably relate to the most if you exclude her computer knowledge.

She is very emotional and openly shows all of her reactions. It doesn’t surprise anyone that she can’t look at horrific crime scene photos; her office is filled with colorful and cute stuff because of the horror that fills her screens (that’s what Hotch says to Strauss while describing the analyst). She also often speaks a bit too intimately when talking to team members, especially Derek. She gives him nicknames like chocolate thunder, etc, and he, in turn, calls her ‘baby girl’. These would normally be considered sexual harassment (which was even addressed in a funny scene in episode 9×12).

But it never actually crosses that line because they have a mutual understanding that it’s a consensual conversational choice. In fact, Penelope’s special relationship with Morgan is what initially drew me to the show. There is just something in how different they are personality-wise while still being very close to each other and understanding the other perfectly that compelled me. And while my shipper heart never understood why the two never dated, I have to admit that sticking to a platonic relationship between these two was a great move.

She makes him laugh and calls him out on his BS. He grounds her and helps her focus and get the job done. Their close relationship is probably the reason why it took Garcia a long time to warm up to Luke Alvarez, who replaced Morgan after he retired. It was implied that Garcia and Morgan are still in contact despite him not being on the show; she is even the godmother to his son.

As previously stated, Garcia is a skilled computer expert and former hacker. Her work is often crucial to finding the unsub. While that is her primary job, after JJ’s promotion she also became the liaison for the team. A job she shared with Hotch till he retired. The best way to describe her is that Penelope’s character is the counterbalance we need to all the heaviness and seriousness of the show.

Criminal minds proves that we can have a show that perfectly balances it’s male and female characters. It offers us a selection of women who all are intelligent, skilled, competent, educated, professional, and strong while staying human and showing emotions.

Images courtesy of CBS

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Tailor Soldier Spy: Black Lightning 2×05





Black Lightning, Anissa, and Jennifer with the phrase Get Lit
Hello and welcome back to Black Lightning season 2 after one of those weird one-week hiatuses that networks sometimes do!

Last episode, Lynn was struggling to navigate her pure heart clashing against Dr. Jace’s conscience-less one at the ASA; Anissa was vigilante-ing and Thunder and Black Lightning diffused several bombs at a neighborhood clinic; and Jen was imploding under the pressure of house arrest to the point where she finally responded to Kahlil’s messages and met him at Garfield.

This week, our fam is still pretty much in the same boat as they were in the previous episode, but with the sudden devastating addition of Gambi’s supposed death by assassins (presumably sent by Tobias).

going out in a blaze of glory

The general rule for things like this is that if there’s no body (which in this case there isn’t), the character isn’t dead (see also: Delphine Cormier). But for now, we’re all operating under the assumption that Gambi’s dead, which makes for some heartbreaking crying from the entire Pierce family, including Jefferson who at first won’t believe Gambi’s gone. It’s so sad, y’all.

when ur faves cry, u cry

In her grief, Anissa indulges her central character flaw, aka using Grace/sex with Grace as an emotional crutch. When she shows up at Grace’s apartment, she has all kinds of claims about how she now knows what’s important and Grace is the only person besides her family that she cares about, but in the morning when Grace asks Anissa to look her in the eyes and promise she won’t hurt her again, Anissa can’t do it. Really Anissa? Please stop with this nonsense. I love our bulletproof lesbian but given the way she treats her girlfriends, I would not date her.

Grace, for her part, looks like she’s about to turn into some kind of supernatural being with creepy-crawly skin, which is also something that’s happening to some other Freeland residents such as a skittish boyfriend of one of Anissa’s pregnant patients who turns up dead at the clinic (did I mention Anissa now works there because she can do everything?), and a cop who pulls her over as she drives out to check on said pregnant patient. CREEPY.

but this is sexy tho

Jen, meanwhile, has some particularly great moments this episode, the first being her witty one-sided banter with her online learning program. We also get to see the conversation she and Kahlil had at Garfield, which consisted of both of them quietly lamenting their circumstances. When Kahlil asks her then, and again later in the episode, of she thinks they can fix whatever they have together, Jen is a true Strong Female Character and basically is like, no dude, we get each other on an important level but we cannot be a thing anymore. (Anyway that’s what her facial expression said, I’m pretty sure).

Lynn aka perpetual Black Lightning MVP finds herself tricked into believing Dr. Jace has used Lynn’s amazing brain-power-math to crack a code that will save all the pod kids, but it turns out it will only save half of them and the rest of them die. This is not great for Lynn’s giant heart and after slapping Dr. Jace’s smug face and having her dragged off by security, she is left alone to deal with the mess and be extra sad because yeah, Gambi’s gone too. And because she’s Lynn, she’s also doing all the emotional labor on behalf of Jefferson who is in denial about Gambi until the end of the episode. Someone give this woman a trophy and a massage.

sad face emoji

Tobias (I guess we have to talk about him too) is busy being horrible as usual, relentlessly intimidating Kahlil and also blackmailing a councilman into helping advance his agenda to take over Freeland and ultimately kill Black Lightning. So, great. That guy sucks.

the only option for a last image: Gambi & Jefferson

That’s it for this week, friends! Do you think Gambi is really dead? Do you think Anissa needs to get her lesbian act together? Do you think Jen will be ok?!?!?! Come back next week and maybe we’ll find out!

Images courtesy of The CW

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