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Ultimate Black Panther Will Feature New Versions of Storm And Killmonger Designed By Peach Momoko

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This February, enter the Wakanda of the new Ultimate Universe in writer Bryan Hill and artist Stefano Caselli’s Ultimate Black Panther #1. The hotly anticipated new series will introduce readers to an all-new T’Challa/Black Panther, alongside an entire cast of characters who shape this fresh take on the world of Wakanda, including all-new Ultimate versions of Storm and Killmonger! Fans can see them together for the first time ever on the cover of April’s Ultimate Black Panther #3, and original design sheets by visionary artist Peach Momoko.

Debuting in Ultimate Black Panther #1, the couple defend their people as heroic freedom fighters throughout the continent of Africa, but when Moon Knight’s army launches a brutal invasion, they’ll help convince the powerful nation of Wakanda to finally step out of the shadows! 

Ultimate Black Panther Killmonger Design

In Ultimate Black Panther #3, Black Panther takes matters into his own hands and embarks on a covert solo mission to deal with Ra and Khonshu directly! Wakanda’s conflict with Moon Knight has escalated. Even with spies all across the continent feeding information, Wakanda is overwhelmed. Everything changes, though, when a pair of freedom fighters enter the fray: Ultimate Killmonger and Ultimate Storm!

“I’ve always loved looking at outfits of tribes from all over the world,” Momoko explained. “And combining the modern and tribal, the beauty and strong, is something I always love thinking about. And getting to design for Storm and Killmonger, I wanted to respect the characters and also put in my soul and unique vision into them.”

Ultimate Black Panther Storm design

Following next month’s Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Black Panther will be the second launch in Marvel’s new Ultimate line that was born out of Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Invasion series. The saga began with the Maker, one of the last survivors of the old Ultimate Universe, travelling back in time on a parallel Earth to create a world without heroes. He succeeded and ruled this world in secret through various global factions. Now, he’s vanished and a quiet war has broken out across the planet to shape what will happen to his kingdom. Some want to control the world. Some want to free it. After discovering the dark truth, a young Tony Stark embarks on a bold mission to make things right. Meanwhile, Wakanda stirs, pressured from internal and external forces to take its rightful place on the global stage… Filled with modern takes on classic Marvel ideas and characters, the new Ultimate Universe is ripe for rich storytelling and a perfect evolution of the Ultimate brand. See it grow and develop in upcoming issues of Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Black Panther, and March’s Ultimate X-Men along with more Ultimate titles launching in the months ahead.

Check out the cover and designs now and pre-order Ultimate Black Panther #1 at your local comic shop today! Stay tuned later this week for the premiere of the Ultimate Black Panther #1 trailer. For more information, visit

Ultimate Black Panther #3 cover


Written by BRYAN HILL

Art and Cover by STEFANO CASELLI

On Sale 4/17

Images via Marvel Comics

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