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A More Civilized Weapon: The Most Elegant Katanas Of Anime

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This article is a guest post from sword expert and anime fan Mason at RomanceOfMen.com

Weapons in anime or games are always over the top. Somehow “the more extravagant a weapon is, the more powerful it is” became the norm. But when it comes to anime katana, this norm is broken. That’s because if one makes a katana too over the top, it loses its charm.

For an avid fan, a katana is to be elegant. And that is why even with so many over the top weapon designs the anime katana are made with elegance. When one sees the design, it soothes one’s artistic nature. In fact most of the well known weapons shown in anime and manga are katanas

Each katana has its own elegance, but some stand out from the rest. It’s not only due to its power but also because of the wielder. If an amateur swordsman takes the best of the available katanas, that katana will not flourish. That’s why finding some of the most elegant katanas is a tough task.

#5 Murasame

Anime: Akame Ga Kill!

Wielder: Akame

Akame wielding the katana Murasame
Image via Sentai Film Works

The Teigu used by Akame, a Night Raid member, is none other than Murasame. It is a cursed katana which doesn’t care who it hurts. Even the wielder, Akame herself, was not safe from it. But despite its awful nature, this katana is one of the most elegant weapons within the series.

It is a standard sized katana with a plus (+) shaped hilt. The hilt has streaks on it that brings out the beauty. On its handle there is a talisman with inscriptions on it. This talisman might seem purely for decorative purposes but that’s wrong. The main purpose of this talisman is to contain the curse stored within the blade.

As for the sheath, it has no significant factor. It is completely blood red similar to the hilt and has a black top. This red signifies the blood thirst of the blade. Normally the blade is black but when the curse is activated,it takes on a red hue showing its deadliness and boosting the elegance.

#4 Yukine

Anime: Noragami

Wielder: Yato

Yato wielding Yukine in katana form
Image via Crunchyroll

Yato’s blessed vessel is Yukine. In his human form, he is cute and lively. But in his weapon form, he is one of the deadliest Blessed Weapons a God could have. He is not like normal weapons as he has two forms, one is a single chokuto and the other is a twin chokuto.

Similar to most chokuto type katanas, this one also has no hilt or proper handle. Instead the blade is wrapped with a thin strip of cloth. This cloth helps Yato hold on to Yukine without harming himself. And as for the blade, it is similar to any regular katana. There are no over the top anime katana like designs.

This simple curved blade and hiltless style boosts the weapons elegance. The cloth on its handle is wrapped loosely. So whenever Yato uses Yukine, a certain mysterious ambient is created. For an aesthetic person, such a design is more than just pleasing.

#3 Intetsu

Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Wielder: Ikki Kurogane

Ikki Kurogane wielding the katana Intetsu
Image via Sentai Film Works

All the Blazers in this series call upon their weapons when they need to fight. None of them carry their own weapon. All except for Ikki that is. He is a failed blazer who has to carry his weapon, Intetsu along with him. And when he has to fight he has to call upon the spirit of the Intetsu to properly unleash the potential.

Ikki might be a failed knight but his blade is no failure. Intetsu is the most sought after weapon among the Blazers for this weapon boosts the users physical potentials to the limits. With its simple design the katana is a top contender for the most powerful anime or manga katana.

It has a black rectangular hilt with a standard black handle. There are no uniqueness to them. The same is true for the plain black sheath. But the blade is unique. The blade is black but has wavelike patter on it that brings out the elegant aspect. And when Ikki calls upon Intetsu, a bluish-green aura wraps the blade giving it a certain charm.

#2 Black Nichirin Blade

Anime: Demon Slayer

Wielder: Tanjiro Kamado

Black Nichirin Blade katana
Image via Aniplex

Whats better than a normal anime katana, obviously a demon slayer katana! Now there are many katanas within the Demon Slayer series but nothing beats the one used by Tanjiro Kamado. It is the best not only in the sense of power but also aesthetics.

The blade is completely obsidian black. This signifies his connection to the Sun Breathing style. That’s because only those who truly inherited the Sun Breathing techniques will turn their Nichirin blade black. This black theme can also be seen for the hilt and sheath of the blade.

For the hilt, it is like a black wagon wheel which helps represent Tanjiro’s simple nature. The handle of the sword is a red one that is wrapped in black cloth. At first glace the katana seems similar to Inetsu but upon closer inspection one is sure to find this sword more elegant then the previous.

#1 Enma

Anime: One Piece

Wielder: Roronoa Zoro

Zoro's katana Enma
Image via Toei Animation

Being made by the legendary Shimotsuki Kozaburo, Enma is one of the 21 Great Grade swords in the story of One Piece. It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful katanas in anime. But if you take a look at it, you will see that this katana is much more profound compared to all the other katanas Zoro had.

The hilt is a golden trefoil shape that has a hole in each of its leaf. While this golden aspect is complemented by the lilac sheath that seems to be wrapped but is actually a solid body. the same is true for the handle. And to make things even more extravagant, both the sheath and the handle are embellished with five-petal flowers.

As for the blade, it has irregular flame patterns on the hamon. When Zoro coats the blade with his haki, it takes on a purple hue giving the blade the demonic look it deserves.

Images via respective owners

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