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The Mad Titan Challenges The Illuminati In New Thanos Solo Series

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This November, Earth will once again tremble before the power of Marvel Comics’ most feared supervillain in an all-new THANOS solo series! From Chris Cantwell, the writer who brought Marvel’s other big bad to Eisner-nominated heights in Doom, and Luca Pizzari, the acclaimed artist known for his recent work on X-Men: Before The Fall – Heralds Of Apocalypse #1, comes a four-issue limited series that presents a riveting fresh take on the Mad Titan.

The saga will follow Thanos as he rockets to Earth from the darkest depths of the cosmos to undertake his most ambitious conquest yet. The only ones that can quell his passionate fury is a new Illuminati. Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man have reunited to guide the superhuman world from the shadows and joining this new incarnation are Emma Frost and Blue Marvel. This cabal composed of Marvel’s greatest minds have wasted no time in sharing a secret that will shatter the heavens and provoke Thanos’ deadly wrath like never before!

THANOS VS. THE ILLUMINATI! The Mad Titan descends upon Earth to retrieve something he has lost. And the Illuminati must band together to stop him, because they’re the ones who hid it from him!

“I’ve had the honor and joy of writing some of Marvel’s greatest villains, so you can imagine how excited I am to not only tackle the Mad Titan himself, but pit him against some of the most powerful brains and fists out there—this latest lineup of the Illuminati,” Cantwell said. “But I think folks will find the backdrop of this story quite unexpected, mischievously funny, and heartbreakingly human, for what has drawn Thanos back screaming into the universe is a singular pain and desire for connection that he believes only one essence in existence (and non-existence) can give him… while this being is in turn grappling with some deeper questions about what they are, and what they want to be. Plus, Thanos hot-wires a pickup truck.”

“I could tell right from reading the first panel description that this book was gonna be something else,” Pizzari shared. “I never even met Chris before and yet it’s like he wrote this book reading my mind; there are a lot of characters I’ve always wanted to try my hand on. Thanos himself is, of course, unbelievably fun to draw, I’m constantly telling myself to make him bigger and bigger!”

Right now, check out Leinil Francis Yu’s main cover as well as a variant cover by Phil Noto that pays homage to George Pérez’s iconic Infinity Gauntlet #1. And peer into the soul of the Mad Titan if you dare this November in THANOS #1. For more information, visit

THANOS #1 (OF 4)




Homage Variant Cover by PHIL NOTO

On Sale 11/8

Images via Marvel Comics

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