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The Knights Return and Tragedy Blooms in the new Ash vs the Evil Dead

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Did they really just do that? Like, honestly did that happen?

I am pretty distraught over this week’s episode and with very good reason. Sorry to keep you in such suspense if you haven’t watched the episode yet, but for those who have, you know exactly what I mean, so let’s go riot. There’s really an art put into killing a character off—it can’t be shallow or treated as just a plot point because at some point, this person was real to the writer and of course very real to the viewer. Mind you in this instance, dead may not actually be completely and utterly dead, but you catch my drift.

A lot happened in this episode. Even for its short runtime I found myself having to actually pause every few minutes to make sure I was full comprehending what exactly was going on, though that was in a good way! This episode was one the best of the entire series by far, even if it did include something quite tragic. It had all the makings of a good show: tons of action, gratuitous gore, plot advancement, mystery reveal, and of course…them feels.

In truth, it really felt like a finale, even though we’re only just over midseason of the series. But with this amount of craziness, I’m both scared and excited to see whats to come for the rest of the season.


This episode picks up immediately after Kelly’s monologue in the previous episode; naturally, she goes straight where Ruby is staying in with her new identity and armed to the teeth. She attacks Ruby as the demon child is gestating in some gross sac. Without hesitation, Kelly unloads shells into Ruby to release her frustrations. Of course we all know Ruby is immortal and pretty much Wolverine when it comes to healing. In a both brave and stupid move, Kelly reveals she has the Kandarian. The fight between Kelly and Ruby begins to turn for the latter as Ruby tosses Kelly around the room and breaks her ankle. Ruby does her typical villain speech heavy with the sarcasm as Kelly throws a grenade her way.

While Ash and Brandy return home, they are scouted by someone in a car. The two share a somewhat tender moment of father and daughter…well tender enough for those two anyway. Nothing was more adorable than the Pop-Tarts scene. Brandy leaves to clean up, and the Knights of Sumeria return to the fold, this time in numbers and in more awe than Dalton. The main speaker lets Ash know that Dalton had sent for them just before his death while Ash clears up the mystery for them behind the missing Knight who was locked in his cellar, who also left the lost pages of the Necronomicon. The group leaves not long after to investigate the markings left behind in Ash’s cellar.

While on their way to the cellar, we learn a little more about these elusive Knights and Ruby’s endgame. Apparently having the dagger and the book, along with Kaya’s help, will give her power over the Dark Ones for eternity, yet should the Dark Ones be released, it would start a war between them that would destroy the world. Ash also disappoints by letting them know that Ruby has the book. In a bid to further understand his powers, Pablo opens a box his uncle left him along with a death mask and all sorts of charms. A sign is given to Pablo that Ash is in trouble so he heads off to the hardware store.

Back in the cellar, the group takes a look at the markings, and as explained in a previous episode, it is a rift to the Deadlands. The missing pages left behind provided a means to open it, along with a flashback to the ending of Evil Dead 2. If they can open it, Ash can lead them into eternal battle, luckily Pablo appears just in time. He uses his Brujo powers to open the rift and they send one of the Knights to scout out the other side of the portal. Marcus goes in and seconds later he’s thrown back out, possessed by a new type of demon. Marcus now uses a new power to fuse himself with the other Knights creating a gross new beast.

Back in the fight between Ruby and Kelly, Ruby is trying to get all her limbs back together from the blast, but Kelly is still too wounded to make it to the dagger in time. Ruby gives her one last chance to leave and live—of course she refuses. Kelly manages to get a few good hits in on Ruby but after some time Ruby ends its by driving the dagger through Kelly, an apparent death blow. As all life leaves her, Ruby reaches for the book to let Kaya know she has found her a host. Kaya also lets her know the rift has been opened. Kaya returns now in the body of Kelly and their target is still Brandy.

Pablo and Ash do their best to fight this creature, with Zoe the only Knight left, who’s incapacitated. Pablo tries his hand with the chainsaw but to very little effect. After, Ash does what he does best but is quickly being overcome by the best, until Zoe gets back into the game. The deathblow cuts the beast’s face in half. Ash returns home after the fight alone, the two are still on great terms and then Kelly/Kay appears. The episode ends with her showing Ash that she found the dagger and we get a last words from Kaya before the credits roll.


Okay, let me just say it here and now: why did you have to kill Kelly?! Granted her death may not be permanent due to Kaya taking over her body, but at the same she did technically die before Kaya took over. Either way, it’s going to be really hard to imagine the show without Kelly’s snarky attitude.

Even worse is that she and Pablo finally got somewhat hitched and she’s been snatched away so soon; it’s almost criminal. I’m not looking forward to his reaction when he finally finds out what happened to her. All we can hope is that there is someway we can get her back.

Other than this horrible misfortune, it was nice to see Brandy finally accepting Ash as her father. Though she still is wary of his accusations of Ruby, I’m starting to think she’s coming around in that aspect. That being said, we didn’t get nearly enough of her in this episode that we could have, for the series itself to be honest. If she’s as important as Ruby makes her out to be she should be getting way more screen time and development. I have the idea that the rest of the season is going to be dedicated to Ruby and Kaya’s plan to turn Brandy against Ash, but still to what purpose we don’t know.

The action and gore were amazing in this episode. The fights between Kelly and Ruby, Ash, and the monster were just exciting and well paced. This episode had a lot to offer in terms of both story, action, and plot development. It marked a huge change is pace and feel for the series and even some sorrow with the death of a beloved character.

Yet, if she stays that way is another question entirely.

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