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New Year New Tech: Five Things To Up Your Game In 2024

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It’s a new year! And that means all of your technology will be making you update and download and buy new things to fit that shiny new software. Well to help start things out on the right foot (at least tech wise), we’ve rounded up some of the exciting new tech we’ve had a chance to look at recently that will make any techie ring in 2024 the right way.

TCL Tab Disney Edition 2

MSRP: $199.99

The TCL Tab Disney Edition 2 is a solid kid’s tablet. Well built and well constructed, it comes with a protective case that’s just bulky enough to shield it from kids, while still being comfortable and easy to hold.

While it does do many standard tablet functions, just with parental controls more easy to establish, its main selling point is the stable of Disney themed games already installed on the device. For the most part these are simple enough, a lot of match games in particular, the Disney flare and spin will provide good entertainment value. In addition, the Wreck It Ralph app carries a few takes on classic arcade games that will provide good fun to older kids.

All in all, an excellent device for those in the market for a children’s or family tablet.

Gunnar Marvel Blue Light Glasses

Gunnar has kind of become the de facto name in blue light glassware thanks to their relative affordability and their targeting of the gaming market. One of their coolest collabs has been with Marvel, releasing a series of specs themed around Spider-Man, Loki, and the two properties featured here: Black Panther and Iron Man. The two samples we checked out were prescription and hold up well to other prescription brands we were used to. The blue light filtering is effective and the slight zoom featured was not so bad as to make things unnerving. The darker hue on the Black Panther glasses made them great as outdoor sunglasses to boot, and both held up well to use at night.

Pricing on these depends heavily on what featured you go with and whether you go prescription or not, with prescription glasses running you about $250.

SK hynix X31 Beetle

MSRP: $89.99

It’s still surprising how small and efficient hard drives have become. We were blown away at the small size of the Beetle X31 when we first opened it. One TB of space in a little gold rectangle that you can easily palm. It’s no wonder they went with that scarab branding. Not only is it portable and cute (for a hard drive) it’s also lightning quick with transfers using USB-C. We still remember when just 100 GB hard drives had to be plugged into AC power just to work!

SK hynix Platinum P41 SSD

MSRP: $99.99

SK Hynix is working hard to break into a crowded market with its SSD tech, and the Platinum P41 is their more hardcore counterpart to the Beetle. Rather than a cute little external drive this is an internal SSD meant to help speed up your PC games with more storage and lightning quick loads. It too represents a different form factor for an SSD as something small and skinny, easily fitting into more PC cases and adapt to different needs.

Glorious Gaming Keyboard Starter Kit

MSRP: $42.99 (GMMK Barebones), $24.99 (keycaps)

Custom keyboards are kind of the “new frontier” for PC Hobbyists who don’t want to stop at RGB. Glorious Gaming (unfortunately named for an annoying subreddit) is making the hobby a little more accessible with their basic compact keyboards and keycaps that are quick to assemble and easy to use. The basic compact lacks a number pad but there’s other forms as well as some that are JUST keypads. Even if you don’t want to get to into the customization, it’s still a pretty good deal if you need something small to use on the go.

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