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Survivor Season 39 Episode 5 Recap

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Detective Dean is hard at work after another blindside vote. Needless to say, he is not happy. However, he does not need to stay with this tribe he doesn’t trust. It’s time for the tribe swap! The new Vokai tribe is made up of four former Vokai members and four former Lairo members. Dan, Jason, Tommy, and Lauren got to stay in purple. Aaron, Missy, Elizabeth, and Elaine join them. The new Lairo tribe is an unfavorable split. Noura, Kellee, Jamal, Janet, and Jack all came over from Vokai. Only Dean, Karisma, and Tom remain from the original Lairo.

The reward challenge is a brutal sand crawl to a puzzle. Each team was divided into four pairs, three of those pairs would brave the sands while the last pair handled the puzzle. The pairs in the sand had their feet tied and their hands bound to their sides. They were also connected by a rope. Vokai reached an early lead, which further perpetuated by the pairing of Noura and Karisma on Lairo. What a combo, right? Noura ended up pulling Karisma over their sand hill. It just was not soon enough, so Vokai wins reward. That reward? Applebees.

While the new Vokai enjoys their food and drinks, Lairo gets to know each other. Karishma immediately flips and opens up about her marriage and family to her new tribe mates. Tom also flips, but only on Karishma. Dean finds an ally in Kellee; it turns out they have a very important mutual friend: Dean’s only long-term girlfriend. While Lairo bonds through shared stories, Vokai is having their fun with physical prowess via wrestling. Though they are enjoying their victory, meal, and alcohol, it is still all game for Missy and Aaron. They declare that orange is dead and fully flip to the original Vokai side.

This immunity challenge will be their first without a puzzle. Four members of each tribe must swim to a ladder, climb up, jump off, and release three buoys. Once again, Vokai is off to an early lead. After getting the buoys, they must be transported across balance beams between two people. Vokai finishes this part before Lairo can even begin. Jeff calls out Karishma multiple times as the hold-up for Lairo, which upsets her. Still, even with all the set-backs, Lairo is able to tie the score when it comes to landing the buoys into baskets. Dean makes a valiant effort, but it just is not enough, and Vokai wins immunity.

Lairo has a lot to think over before they go to tribal council. With three new people for the old Vokai members to choose from, and all of them expressing loyalty in some form, it’s going to come down to strategy. At tribal, some of those strategic considerations come to light. Do they consider the merge or try to actually win a challenge?  The original Lairo members feel the tension and all turn on each other in order to try to not be the one going home. In the end, Karishma survives her third tribal council, and Tom is sent home. How will Lairo fair in the challenges ahead? How will Dean feel to have been left out of the vote…again? Tune in next week!


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