Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Survivor Season 39 – Episode 4 Recap

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Is a power couple emerging in Lairo? Chelsea and Dean have been getting close, and no one else is happy about this. This could be what saves Karishma from being the next vote. Dean failed the puzzle with her last week, and if he and Chelsea stick together it weakens the other alliances in play. Already, people are planning to take out Dean. Jamal is still feeling the pressure in Vokai, and takes his chance to go idol hunting while everyone else takes out a raft to fish. He finds one and is back to feeling in control of his game.

Vokai is given a choice. They can unanimously choose who to send to the Island of the Idols, or they can draw randomly from a bag. Only Noura wants to go. Her tribe agrees to send her, and she embarks to the island. When she arrives she excitedly eats watermelon and hopes for a way to aid her game. Her lesson is on the art of persuasion. Different techniques are discussed, and then Noura is told about their next immunity challenge. Boston Rob offers her a choice. If she is able to convince her team to make her the caller in the next challenge, she will get an advantage to block someone’s vote. If she is not made the caller, she will lose her vote. She immediately accepts, without any persuasion to change the terms.

On her return to camp, Noura spins a very weak lie about what her experience was. She tells them she learned what the next challenge was, and if they all agree to give her a role in it, she can tell them. This doesn’t make sense to most of her tribe, but they want to know, so they agree. Once they learn, they are even more confused by her reasoning and story. Kellee is relieved that her game is still safe. The tribe practices for the challenge and Noura does not do well. Not only do they not make Noura the caller, but they also sit her out of the game altogether.

Vokai gets off to a strong lead, which makes sense since they knew what was going to happen. Lairo almost manages to catch up. This time, however, the puzzle did not change the fate of the game. Vokai wins immunity, and Lairo faces another tribal. Karishma immediately feels like her time is up. Karishma’s name is definitely on the chopping block, but the fear of Dean and Chelsea is still running strong. Missy, in particular, is ready to make a move and is getting frustrated that more people aren’t on board with voting out Dean. She offers up Chelsea’s name as an alternative. Now Elaine is starting to worry about Missy. Lairo is splintering into much smaller alliances quickly.

Going into the tribal council it is unclear if anyone knows what the plan is. The conversation revolves around the chaos and how many names came up. Jeff asks if they think it will be another blindside. Karishma is excited by that prospect because it means she is once again safe. And it is indeed another blindside, as Chelsea becomes the second survivor to leave with an idol in their pocket. Sometimes it really is the last name to come up that gets the vote. At least it seems that most of the tribe was on the same page. Hopefully, they’ll be stronger moving forward. Especially with one of their own headed to the Island of the Idols next week. Be sure to turn in!

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