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Survivor Season 39 Episode 3 Recap

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After the blindside at tribal, Vokai is scrambling to reform. There is already regret about their choice. Noura is continuing to get on everyone’s nerves, and Dan decides she would be an easy vote to reunite the tribe. However, Jamal has issues with this plan—it’s not his plan. Wanting to get back in power, he suggests to Tommy that they take out Dan. Tommy wanted to rebuild his alliance with Jamal after taking out Molly, but this rubs him the wrong way. When he talks to Janet about the possible new plan she poses the question, “Do we take out Jamal?”

Things at Lairo are much simpler on the surface. The women have kept their alliance and have the majority. However, Karishma is not feeling the love. She accidentally cuts her hand to the bone and is angered and saddened when her tribe does not come to her aid. They left her alone on the ground. Karishma is not the only one who is not feeling her alliance. Vince is uncomfortable being grouped with the “bros.” He knows they tried to vote him out. His position becomes more precarious when he gets the notice that he is going to the Island of the Idols.

As soon as the boat leaves, everyone agrees that flushing Vince’s possible idol is the way to go. Dean suggests a split vote… but the whole tribe is present. No decisions can be made at that point, though Karishma is convinced it will be her. On the Island of the Idols, Vince is overwhelmed with emotion when he meets Rob and Sandra. Fittingly, his challenge plays off his emotions. They want him to be able to maintain composure in times of stress. And they have a very stressful test for him: sneak into Vokai’s camp and steal fire. The same terms we’ve seen apply: if he succeeds he gets an idol that is good for two tribal councils, but if he fails he loses his vote. Vince takes the challenge, goes to Vokai, and steals some ashes from their burnt-out fire. He was not caught, and he was commended for his adaptability. Vince leaves with an idol.

Challenge day brings the reward of comfort to the table. Lairo is off to an early lead thanks to the swimming of Elizabeth. Janet holds up Vokai, but they start to make up some ground during the second part of the challenge. As often happens with Survivor, the puzzle at the end of the challenge completely changes the game. Karishma and Dean cannot figure it out. Meanwhile, Jamal and Lauren are moving quickly and efficiently. They come back against the odds and achieve victory. Lairo loses to a puzzle again and will be voting someone out.

Two plans are circulating Lairo: split the vote between Vince and Karishma, or unite the women plus Vince to vote out Tom. The conversation before the vote is centered around Karishma, losing challenges, and trust. Karishma has something secretive to say to the other women, which upsets Tom. He says it’s an act. Vince does not play his idol. The votes are cast, and the original plan to vote Vince sticks. He goes home with an idol in his pocket. With no one having been chosen to attend the island next, what twist could we see for Vokai?

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