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Survivor Season 39 Episode 10 Recap

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Janet is still feeling shaken after the last few days, which is understandable. A huge storm blows rains on everyone’s parade, but Elizabeth and Karishma are most affected. Karishma once again becomes the target of votes. She does not contribute around camp, and this is particularly bothering Noura. Noura tells Karishma to go get coconuts, hoping she will do something. Karishma leaves, and returns with just two coconuts… and an idol. She plays up being sick to keep people from wondering why she was gone for so long.

The newly merged tribe is divided back into the familiar orange and purple for this challenge. Once again, immunity is available for two survivors. On the orange team, we have Missy, Elaine, Karishma, Tommy, and x. On purple, we have Noura, Dean, Aaron, Dan, and Lauren. Not only is immunity up for grabs, but the last team standing will win a food reward. Noura won immunity on the purple team but was so excited that she forfeited the reward. Elaine wins immunity on orange, and they return to camp to eat their sandwiches. The purple team must go to the old Lairo beach, and will have their separate tribal council first.

Immediately, the purple team has to figure out who to vote for. The easy vote is Janet, and everyone knows it. However, Noura does not think it’s that easy. Aaron is a huge threat in this game, and with the smaller numbers, he is separate from his main alliance. Is now the time to take him out? Smaller numbers are changing plans back at camp. Missy wants to vote out Tommy, using Karishma’s vote. Karishma, however, is not wanting to deal with Missy. She confides to Elaine, and Elaine decides it is time to take out Missy. Elaine and Tommy are going to vote for Missy. Missy and Elizabeth are going to vote Tommy. Karishma has all the power.

At the first tribal, the conversation gives nothing away. Janet plays like she is going home, and so does everyone else. Aaron does admit that there is a chance for him to be the one leaving. After the votes are cast, Aaron was deemed too large of a threat, and joins the jury. The orange team immediately knows he was voted out. His alliance members are shocked. At the second tribal, the conflict between Missy and Karishma is center stage. It is hard to tell which way Karishma will go. Missy highlights the immunity challenge winners of last tribal both being minorities, which Jeff thanks her for. Unfortunately, it did not stop those same two winners from being the ones to go home tonight. Missy says goodbye to every person on the way to snuff her torch and asks who sent her home. She then tells Elizabeth to avenge her, but with both of Elizabeth’s main allies gone, she does not have that power. The entire power structure of this game just changed.

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