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Superman And Lois Episode 1 – Should You Keep Watching?

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I was a huge fan of Smallville 20 years ago as we witnessed superman grow up as a teenager. Well, the CW is back at it again with Superman and Lois, or should we just call it Smallville II? Let’s get to what has happened in the first episode and see if this show is something to continue to watch.

Clark Kent is now married to Lois (Lane) and have twin boys, Jordan who has some mental health issues he is facing with, and John who seems to handle being a teenager a little bit better. Clark’s mom has just passed away and the Kent family have gone back to Smallville for the funeral. While there we get to re-meet Lana who Clark dated for a long time portrayed in Smallville.  She is married to a fireman named Kyle, who seems to have a dislike for Clark and Lois, probably because they left the small town and rarely come back to help it out any. 

During a conversation, Lana mentions that Clark’s mother had some financial dealings with the local bank and that they would need to talk about it later.  We find out this has to do with the farm. We also learn that Morgan Edge’s name is brought up as Kyle feels like they are helping Smallville develop, but the Kent’s think he’s not a good person and is destroying the Daily Planet. Lana’s daughter, Sarah, also seems to be fond of Jordan and invites him to a party. 

The Story Further Develops

The twins and Sarah go to check out the barn on the Kent’s farm hoping to reset the wifi. Jordan decides to climb up to reset it, then he falls and metal pipes come crashing down on top, but it looks like John jumps on top of Jordan to protect him. 

Clark comes in to see that the twins are not hurt, and they end up getting mild concussions only. But Jordan is suspicious as to what exactly happened in the barn and how they didn’t get hurt. 

What’s happening with the Farm?

It turns out that Clark’s mother put a reverse mortgage out on the farm to help struggling community members. So their choice is to pay off the remaining amount of the loan, or to let the bank buy out the rest of the farm. 

Revisiting the barn to find clues as to what happened earlier.

The twins, more importantly, Jordan is suspicious as to what happened in the barn. When looking around they find a cellar door leading to a room under the barn. The twins then find the vessel that carried Clark to earth when he was a baby. They go question their father, Clark about what they just found.

The Feel-Good Part

After confronting Clark, he shows them who is really is and lifts up the truck and flies in the air while holding it. Jordan and John watch in awe, but Jordan becomes mad as he feels lied to and now understands why he feels the way he does. He feels different and is also mad as Clark hadn’t been the best father for him as he was always taking trips when the boys were young. He understands now, those trips were when Clark was busy saving the world as Superman.

New Bad Guy

Clark leaves to go help when he realizes that someone lured him to the location to fight him. They fly around fighting but then the “bad guy” uses kryptonite to knock Superman out. 

While the fight is going on Sarah and Jordan hit it off at the party and Jordan kisses, or tries to kiss Sarah. He is interrupted by Sarah’s boyfriend who is mad. But John then shows up to defend his brother and they all start fighting. At this point, we learn Jordan is the one who actually has the “gifts” and his eyes turn red, and shoot laser beams from his eyes. Lois sees a report that the boys are on the news and calls Clark to go help by pressing a button. This wakes up Superman as he is falling back to earth just before hitting the ground. 

The Truth

We learn then that Jordan has powers and John doesn’t (currently). And when those metal pipes fell, we learn that after John jumped on top of Jordan, Jordan then rolled on top of John to save him. 


After all the events and the words that Clark heard his mother say before she passed away, they decide they should move to Smallville, Lois even agrees.

The episode ends with us finding out that Morgan Edge purchased the bank and was interested in the farm in Smallville. Also, the “bad guy” is called Captain Luther, and he returns to his ship to ready himself to attack Superman again in the future. 


I like the new dynamics of having a family again in Smallville Kansas. This will open up different character arcs and help gives the story different directions to take off from. 

I enjoyed seeing Lana from Smallville introduced back into the show as a woman. I’m sure we will see more of her and her husband, Kyle in the coming season.


Back to Smallville? I’m not exactly sure yet how I feel about being back in Smallville, but time will tell.

I’m not sure what I think about the controller that calls Superman with the press of a button. Who made it for them? What if you lost it and someone else got a hold of it? Wouldn’t it make it easier to unmask Superman?

My Speculations

  • Sometime in the season, Sarah and Jordan will become boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Lana and Kyle will have a big part of the season, but will it be for good or bad?
  • Morgan Edge is going to have a huge role teaming up with Captain Luther. 


  • How is Lois going to continue to work at the Daily Planet? Or is she going to leave it completely?
  • Will we find Jordan saving Superman at some point?
  • Captain Luthor, how is he connected to Lex Luthor? 

For now, keep watching. We need to see more.

Images courtesy of the CW

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