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Joe Keery as Djo


Stranger Things Star Joe Keery Makes Music That You Will Love

Joe Keery has been marveling us and stealing our hearts on Stranger Things for 4 seasons as the resident “babysitter” and incredibly lovable Steve Harrington. Keery’s endless endearing charm is the main reason why Steve became such a fan favorite, even though he wasn’t a great character in season 1.

Did you know, besides fighting the never-ending horrors of the upside down with the Hawkins gang while getting attacked and bit by some demobats, he also makes music? 

In the early stages of his budding career, Keery released music under the name Cool Cool Cool. He then went on to be in the band Post Animal, which was formed back in 2014. In 2019, he parted ways with the band. Keery is currently a solo artist and goes by the name of Djo. Yes, Djo is pronounced Joe. 

If Kavinsky and Depeche Mode had a baby in the 80s, it would make the music Keery does. His music has psychedelic synth-pop vibes mixed in with a little bit of rock. 

It’s the music we listen to when we want to go on a long drive in the city at night, admiring our surroundings and trying to decompress. 

Here’s audio of his song Gloom:

You can visit his website to pre-save his upcoming album “Decide” which will be released on September 16th.


  1. Runner
  2. Gloom
  3. Half Life
  4. Fool
  5. On And On
  6. End Of Beginning
  7. I Want Your Video
  8. Climax
  9. Change
  10. Is That All It Takes
  11. Go For It
  12. Figure You Out
  13. Slither

Follow him on Twitter to keep updated on anything Djo-related.

Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in season 4 of Stranger Things

Who knows, maybe Keery’s music is the kind of music Steve would listen to with his six little nuggets and wife Nancy on a drive through the country. 

Images courtesy of Netflix and Djo Music

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