Sunday, December 3, 2023

SNL Alum Toplines NBC Pilot So Close

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Fear not, faithful readers! When news broke that Sasheer Zamata was leaving Saturday Night Live, millions were devastated. Okay, it might have been just me, but guess who’s writing this article? Still, that was one less woman of color lead on a show that had a historical lack of them, especially black women. Her leaving then turned to curiosity on what her next move might be, and it looks like we have our answer.

So Close is a comedy centering on two hopeless romantics. According to Deadline, the two are at a crossroads in their own lives and about to settle for the wrong partner, unaware that they might be perfect for each other and only live blocks away. Zamata will play lead Riley, opposite of Sean Kleier (Odd Mom Out) as Kyle. Also set to star in a supporting role is Disney alumnus Sabrina Carpenter (Girl Meets World). Carpenter is slated to play a character named Jessica who lives with Sean and a yet to be cast roommate, Sebastian.

And okay, this part is a little uncomfortable, as Carpenter is 18 (and very much looks her age), and Zamata and Kleier are obviously older (31 and 30 respectively.) If the show is picked up to series, it will be interesting to see how that character plays out.

So Close is helmed by Greg Malins (Will & Grace), and produced in conjunction with Hazy Mills and Universal TV. The pilot is tapped to be directed by Gail Mancuso.

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