Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Skybound Tabletop Teams Up With Dire Wolf For Invincible: The Hero-Building Game

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Skybound Tabletop, in partnership with Dire Wolf, announced today that a new strategy board game, Invincible: The Hero-Building Game, will be available from Friendly Local Game Stores everywhere on July 11th. Pre-orders are available now!

Invincible: The Hero-Building Game box

Invincible: The Hero-Building Game lets players team up as Invincible, Atom Eve, Rex Splode and Robot in story-driven co-op battles to unlock unique powers and kick some villain ass. 

The Guardians of the Globe are dead. So the fate of the world rests with you – a team of teenage newbs still trying to figure out how their powers work. You’re gonna need to learn some moves, and fast, or a whole lot of people are going to die.

Swoop into battle in a cooperative bag-building game with a free-form battle system that never makes you wait your turn. Innovative combat tests your mettle with seven re-playable episodes, each with unique gameplay twists and challenges. With countless super-powered combinations and strategies to explore, it’ll be up to you to rescue innocent civilians, kick villain ass, and – with a bit of luck – survive long enough to graduate.

Invincible: The Hero-Building Game cards

Based on the acclaimed comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley that is now also a hit adult animated series that recently wrapped a 100% Rotten Tomatoes “Certified Fresh” second season on Prime Video, and published by Skybound Tabletop, Invincible: The Hero-Building Game is the latest from Dire Wolf, best-known for their award-winning Dune: Imperium and Clank! board game lines.

With an exciting blend of push-your-luck combat and tableau-building to unlock unique combinations of superpowers, Invincible: The Hero-Building Game offers players fast, fun, strategic battles that let you decide what kind of hero you want to be.

Invincible: The Hero-Building Game card

“Teaming up with our partners at Skybound has been an awesome adventure,” said Scott Martins, President of Dire Wolf. “We’re thrilled to have created a new way to experience the Invincible universe and introduce fans to a great new board game.”

Pre-order Invincible: The Hero-Building Game today, and look for it in Friendly Local Game Stores later this summer!

Images via Skybound Tabletop

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