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Skybound Entertainment Expands ‘Invincible’ Brand With New Merch And Tie-Ins

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Skybound Entertainment, the creator-led, multi-platform entertainment studio behind mega-hit franchises Invincible, The Walking Dead, Impact Winter, and more, is giving the blood-thirsty fans of Invincible what they’ve been craving: more Invincible. To meet the rising demand for the 100% ‘certified fresh’ adult animated show, Skybound has announced a series of Invincible licensing, content, and product partnerships so the millions of fans of the universe’s favorite superhero can enjoy the IP in as many ways as there are Dupli-Kates (that’s…infinite). Skybound has strategically used its ‘Wheel of Awesome’ and ownership of the IP to spin blood, guts, and gore into video games, merchandise, tabletop games, music, and of course, comics. 

Created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, Image Comics’ Invincible #1 debuted to critical acclaim on January 22, 2003. Soon after, they were joined by artist and contributing creator Ryan Ottley. Throughout its fifteen-year run, Invincible continued for a historic 144-issues, spawning multiple spin-off series’. In 2021, the Invincible animated series arrived on Prime Video and quickly became one of the most popular new streaming series of the year, earning praise worldwide for its fresh storytelling. With new projects continually announced, Invincible remains a cornerstone of the pop culture landscape that continues to prove itself as a world-renowned franchise whose universe knows no bounds. 

Invincible Season 2 Part 2 Debuts March 14 

Season 2 Part 1 of Invincible debuted as a Prime Video Top 10 show to watch and rose to critical acclaim as 100% certified fresh from Rotten Tomatoes, also receiving a Golden Tomato Award for “Best Animated Series.”  

Still reeling from Nolan’s betrayal in Season One, Mark struggles to rebuild his life as he faces a host of new threats, all while battling his greatest fear – that he might become his father without even knowing it. 

Co-produced by Skybound Animation and Amazon MGM Studios, the second half of Season 2 will consist of four episodes premiering weekly, starting Thursday, March 14 on Prime Video. Amazon MGM Studios previously announced it has renewed Invincible for a third season.  

Doc Seismic & GDA Custom Experience (Fortnite); Guarding the Globe (Ubisoft); Atom Eve 

Invincible: Doc Seismic Attacks and GDA Combat Training, are brand-new, custom-built raids coming to Fortnite on March 15. The all-new story in the Invincible universe will be a free-to-play experience for up to six players to dive into battle as Cecil Stedman’s Elite GDA Agents in a new squad-shooter experience. You can watch the official trailer here

Invincible: Guarding the Globe was the #1 downloaded RPG on iOS. Created in partnership with Ubisoft, it is an idle squad RPG set in the Invincible universe featuring a new storyline never before seen, with graphic multi-battle action, character collection, squad management, idle features and, of course, super-powered visuals. Download for free from the App Store, the Google Play Store, or the Amazon App Store. 

Skybound’s first original video game in the Invincible universe, Invincible Presents: Atom Eve, launched to critical acclaim for its comic book style visuals that pay homage to the original comic series. It also featured an original soundtrack by Milk & Bone, produced by Skybound Music.

The Art of Invincible: Season 1; Invincible Comic Collections  

 The Art of Invincible: Season One

Available everywhere books are sold March 27, 2024, The Art of Invincible: Season One is a the behind-the-scenes companion to Prime Video’s hit animated series, Invincible. This hardcover marks the first animation artbook produced by Skybound Entertainment for the landmark franchise’s jump to television.  

Skybound also continues to reprint the original Invincible comic book series in a number of different formats for both longtime and new fans to discover and enjoy. 

  • Invincible Vol.1-3 (New Edition), all-new 6”x9” graphic novel format with stunning new covers from Cory Walker & Dave McCaig. 
  • Invincible Compendium Vol.1-3 HC, brand-new hardcovers exclusive to comic shops. 
  • Invincible Compendium Vol.1-3, soft cover compendiums, available everywhere.  
  • The Complete Invincible Library HC Vol. 1-5, fan-favorite, massive slip-cased tomes.  
  • Invincible Trade Paperbacks Vol. 1-25, standard softcover format.  
  • Invincible Universe Compendium Vol. 1, soft cover compendium, available everywhere.  

Invincible: Escape from Mars; Invincible: The Hero Building Game  

Invincible: Escape from Mars, the first Skybound tabletop game centered around Invincible, is a social deduction game where 4-10 players join the Guardians of the Globe to ensure brave civilians make it home safe without dooming humanity by allowing Sequids to infiltrate the rocket.

Invincible: Escape from Mars box

Invincible: The Hero-Building Game, developed by Dire Wolf Digital is a co-op game for up to 4 people where players pose as fledgling hero Mark Grayson and the Teen Team as they learn to use their powers and work together to protect the Earth. The game is expected to be released in summer 2024.  

Invincible: The Hero-Building Game contents

Invincible Funko Pop!’s, Invincible Kinetiquettes Statue 

Funko Pop! has collaborated with Skybound to launch a limited release line of must-have Invincible collectibles: Invincible, Omni-Man, Atom Eve, and – the fan favorite – Think Mark! –  a double Pop! With both Invincible and Omni-Man after their iconic fight at the end of Season 2 Part 1. 

Invincible funko pop diorama

Pre-order the Kinetiquettes Invincible statue; this ¼ scale Invincible resin statue (24” tall) has a light up LED base and interchangeable bloody head and arms. 

Images via Skybound Entertainment

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