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Sartorial Splendor Spotlight: I am Gids

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This month, we’re kicking off a new Sartorial Splendor series, profiling members of various lifestyle communities across the web! Whether it be fragrances, fashion, makeup, watches, shoes… we’re going to spotlight folks we’ve been following who you ought to know! Our first profile is no stranger to Sartorial Splendor, I Am Gids has guested with me twice on the podcast discussing all manner of sartorial items. As such, it’s only fitting that he helps kick this series off!

Who am I?

I’m Gids, and I have both a YouTube channel and an Instagram account that focus on fragrance, fashion, and luxury… as well as vlogs out and about in London where I’m currently based.

How did you become interested in fashion?

As a child I enjoyed getting dressing up and transforming into various characters I saw on TV and in magazines. I found it fun and a little form of escapism creating my own looks and little outfits. I wanted to dress like Michael Jackson so bad! I thought he was so cool.

It definitely followed me into adulthood when I would read fashion magazines and watch fashion commentary. I even learnt how to cut and sew at a local college when I thought about working in the industry as a pattern cutter, but it wasn’t for me.

Fashion, for me, has always been my greatest form of self-expression, and a fun way to showcase my individuality.

What do you think is most important to consider when choosing the right look for you?

For me, it’s comfort. If I don’t feel comfortable in whatever I’m wearing, nothing else matters! Comfort first!

What are some of your other sartorial hobbies?

It’s no secret I love fragrances, so I do focus largely on fragrance on my channel. I feel fragrance is my second skin, or even my armour, when facing the world. There is also so much artistry and thought behind the creation of a fragrance which I always love learning about.  

I’m also slowly developing a love for sneakers, or trainers, as we would say here in the UK. I’m particularly more into luxury sneakers; my favourite brand currently is Chanel for [how they mix] comfort and luxury so well. Additionally, Common Projects for their understated style and Axel Arigato for their clever use of colour and functionality.  

“When in Rome…” What is a location in your city that a sartorial fan can’t miss if visiting?

Definitely Covent Garden! It has everything within a short walking space: amazing cafes restaurants, theatres, and independently owned fashion boutiques. There’s even a lovely little market just across from the piazza [which is] a favourite with locals and tourists. The area is also slowly becoming a great destination for niche and designer fragrance houses ranging from Penhaligon’s to Atelier Cologne, Diptyque, and Miller Harris.

What is one sartorial tip you’d like to share with our readers? 

Find that one hobby or two or three (*wink wink*) which is unique to you and that makes you happy. Then of course enjoy it even others don’t quite understand or get it, it doesn’t matter! As long as it’s not hurting you or others don’t worry too much about their opinions.

Future Projects:

Well, one is to possibly launch a fashion/style type of podcast, I’ve thought about it for some time now and it’s just about managing my schedule. Aside from that, I’m hoping to mix it up and have more fashion and styling content on my [YouTube] channel and break down some of my favourite luxury brands. 

The Favorites List

Favorite fragrance brands:

Currently Chanel for their classic French elegance, I love what the brand represents and how they manage to remain so chic and timeless.  

Miller Harris for their wearable fun fragrances and commitment to sustainability. 

Favorite clothing brands:  

For High street I’d say Sandro and Reiss for their beautiful quality and fit.

For luxury clothing, Paul Smith and Dries Van Noten for their beautiful tailoring and use of colour. [They’re] more on the pricey side, but the details are beautiful pieces and so well made.

Favorite shoe brands:

Common Projects and Doctor Martins because they will last forever and won’t go out of style! 

Favorite bags and accessories brands:

For leather goods, MCM for their great craftsmanship and durability! Prada and Longchamp [make the list] for their Nylon range which is great for rainy London, I have bags from both brands and they’re super easy and practical for daily use.  

The one sartorial item I can’t live without is… 

My Ray-Bans! I love their simplicity and comfort for those rare sunny London days!

Images courtesy of I am Gids

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