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Second Hand Embarrassment, Sneaking In, And Frame Jobs Meet at Riverdale

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Only a few episodes left of Riverdale before the grand reveal around the central mystery gets revealed. In “Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale and Back Again”, Jughead’s and Betty’s relationship gets strained, Archie’s and Veronica’s gets strong, and someone is arrested for murder!

It’s finally Homecoming time, a Riverdale tradition that will not be canceled even with Jason’s murder. It’s a time where both current students and past alumni come together as the two groups of parents & kids want to either live or relive their best moments.

Hermione tells Veronica that the statements they gave were helpful since the judge might be cool and give only a few more months to Hiram. If it comes to leaving the Lodges, there’s options in the air: the family can move away or Hiram can move in. But that doesn’t change Veronica’s theories about the patriarch having a hand on Jason’s death.

Jughead visits his father, FP, and is surprised by his dad, clean shaven, in a good mood, and completely caught on Jug’s manuscript about the murder, even having follow up questions. FP suggests that, eventually, Jug should move on.

Archie seemed to have a nice re-encounter with his mom—she wants to hear him sing—and shares the news with Veronica who even goes to call Archie “boyfriend worthy”, but she wants to take things slow. Archie asks Ronnie to sing a duet at the dance, but she refuses.

Summoned by the Coopers, Ronnie goes to the journalist ladies as they are investigating the murder and even Hiram as per Veronica’s own worries; the current theory is around FP doing the actual killing by Hiram’s hiring. Naturally, Betty gets offended by her mom’s accusations about her boyfriend’s father and storms off.

At the Blossom’s house, Polly spies on Clifford and sees that his hair has gone gray and he wears wigs. Veronica goes back to Alice and tells that she wants to help investigate FP because she needs to know if her father was involved. Cheryl announces to Archie and Co. about how she is campaigning for herself and Polly as co-queens because she is supposed to represent Jason. Archie clears out with Betty about him performing at the dance and Veronica suddenly joins in on the duet too, leaving the boy confused. She also asks Archie to help break into FP’s house to look over his trailer while Alice keeps FP & Jughead busy with a dinner party pre-dance to which Archie refuses.

Mary Andrews visits Fred’s workplace, but only finds Hermione. They end up chatting up a bit and it’s very friendly actually. As Betty is organizing the dance, Polly calls her up to let her know that she is still investigated, but the call is cut short by Mrs. Blossom coming in Polly’s room to deliver her “daily milk shake” and some casual threats involving Polly not stepping in the Clifford’s sleeping quarters area again.

After Jughead tells Archie about FP’s recent sudden change in behavior, Archie decides to get down to Veronica’s in the middle of night to tell her that he will help her quest because he is concerned about FP potentially hurting Juggie again if this change is only truly apparent.

Cheryl and Polly are getting ready together for the homecoming dance when Polly suggests they borrow some of Mrs. Blossom’s old timey jewelry. So, Cheryl start going through the boxes and finds the Clifford engagement ring Jason had used to propose to Polly, making her explode. Her mind immediately goes to “The Blossoms Are Guilty”. However, Cheryl shows she can be the meanest gal in the room and threatens Polly’s life implicitly.

During the oh-so-goddamn-awkward dinner at the Coopers, the participants are all very well dressed as Alice starts roughly drilling FP with questions about his life as a Southside Serpent. Betty, who disapproved of the dinner, slyly invited Mr. Cooper to spite her mom.

As Archie and Veronica start the search at FP’s, we cut to Mrs. Blossom explaining to Polly about the ring: turns out Jason had thrown the object on Mr. Blossom’s face before he tried leaving Riverdale since he argued about not wanting the legacy, lineage implications, and position he had been groomed for. Mrs. Blossom gives Polly her Chekhovian milkshake which, gasp, has a little “sumthing-sumthing” put in.

Back to Dinner From Hell, Alice and Hal are going at it when FP digs up a story about Alice’s own homecoming dance. As Mrs. Cooper asks him to shut up, he says he won’t be jerked around in front of his son. Betty saves the date by making an early exit with Jughead.

Cheryl finds Polly sleeping due to an all natural relaxer Mrs. Blossom had slipped in her milkshake. She confronts her parents about the story about Jason’s ring and they confirm it to be true. Mr. Blossom even implies that he regrets not having nurtured Cheryl for the position he expected Jason to get. Mrs. Blossom asks Cheryl about the ring and she tells her mom that she through the ring down the toilet to eliminate evidence against the Blossoms—an act which Clifford approves.

Now at FP’s, Archie and Ronnie’s search amounts to nothing, but Veronica gets a bit “manic” about finding some sort of proof that her father is guilty because she doesn’t know what to do when her dad gets home. Archie talks her down and they end up, gasp, making out. A timely text from Mrs. Cooper tells her that FP might be on his way home so they exit the premises.

However, FP was actually dropping out Jug and Betty at the dance. Jug speaks alone with her dad about moving back to his place as he sees his dad got better. FP however thinks they should come together as a family, but in another city, away from Riverdale.

Hermione arrives with Freddie and Mary at the Homecoming dance. As Mary takes a leave to powder her nose and Alice implies Mary is a “polyamorist” given Hermione and Fred’s history. Not being caught by the trap, Mary is an actual *adult*  and says she doesn’t care about Fred’s “monkey business”.

Betty catches Archie and Veronica talking to her mom which instantly tingles her spidey sense. She confronts Ronnie and Archie about it, but is left in the wind as the duo needs to get ready to perform which, despite being fine, gives me a lot of second hand embarrassment. As the song goes, the Sheriff department arrives at FP with a search warrant. Also during the song, Cheryl storms out of the dance very upset with something.

The Sheriff actually ends up finding a tool box at FP’s that contains a gun to which FP can’t explain. We see Kevin having an actual cool moment talking to his boyfriend which is cut short by Jughead asking where his crew was allied with Sheriff Keller arriving at the place.

Betty, meanwhile, confronts Ronnie and Archie about their sneaking business at FP’s. Jughead arrives and they are left to explain to him what they had done before the dance. Jug gets upset with the three of them—yes, even Betty, because of her mom’s involvement and the fact that she knew *something* was going on during the dinner, but not quite about Archie. This leaves  us with Jughead throwing at Betty’s face that he was gonna pass up on moving to Toledo with his family because of his love for Betty. If you are looking for a particular lender or broker, you can simply type in the words "local auto financing"local finance" on any search engine and the internet will bring up many different car loan rates. You will be surprised at the amount of local lenders that are available, and it’s easy to find a lender that can offer you the best rate possible.

Thing is, just as they are about to break up, Alice, Mary, Freddie, and Kevin arrive with the news that Sheriff Keller had just arrested FP for the murder of Jason Blossom leaving the core four in awe and Jughead even more upset as he runs down to his dad’s house and explodes at the furniture…probably the loneliest he had ever felt.

Betty confronts her mom whether or not she was the one who tipped the Sheriff about the gun to which Mrs. Cooper denies. Plus, Betty asserts herself as Alice tries to stop her from going to look for Jughead. “Do not push me tonight, mom, because I will push back.” Hermione and Ronnie talk about the chance of FP confessing about their dealings with the Serpents. In the end, they plan on cutting all ties to Hiram if push comes to shove.

Archie and Mary talk in the kitchen: the matriarch asks Archie to think about moving to Chicago with her making her argument on Riverdale’s safety and Archie’s music career. Oh, and Fred listens to the convo.

Cheryl checks up to see if Polly is alive and then at her mom breaking down with the news of FP’s possible involvement. We also see that she lied about throwing the ring out as she kept it to herself.

Betty makes her way to Pop’s looking for Jughead, but gets no luck with that. However, Archie and Veronica are also there and, despite Betty’s unwillingness to talk to them, she ends up hearing the plot twist: Kevin had called Veronica and told her about the gun the Sheriff had found at FP’s which is the same gun that was not at his trailer just a few hours prior when the couple did their fine-comb search: FP had been framed.

All in all, an eventful episode complete with cliffhanger.

Images courtesy of the CW



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