Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pot Luck Dishes Out Heavier Themes Amongst Laughter

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So after a rousing set up of characters, their issues, and general hijinks ensuing in the first three episodes, let’s dig into episodes four through six of Pot Luck.

In episode four, “Mixed Messages,” the crew makes an attempt at their respective goals, with Beth making a solid attempt at telling her mother about her sexuality. What’s interesting about the comparatively feminine Beth is that it doesn’t seem, for now, to bother her that her mother doesn’t know, but I empathize with the struggle of trying to figure out how exactly to broach the subject with an overbearing parent.

The roux thickens as Debs hits it off with a friend of Beth’s, and we come to find out that Mel and Beth used to be an item. We also find that this weeks couple of younger guests that Mel has picked up once again think they’ve been invited to partake in an orgy. It baffles me that this misunderstanding could happen twice, but it made for a lot of laughs. Mel gives up on holding off from one of the guests, which ultimately falls apart.

Episode five, “Lezza Dance,” the pot luckers head out to a queer club, but not before Beth’s mom broaches the subject. She asks Beth whether she is a lesbian, and Beth doesn’t quite get a chance to respond.

I will say of this episode that it’s shot so beautifully. The music, atmosphere, and imagery feel like you’re actually in this club dancing along with them (rather than, y’know, eating ice cream out of the tub in your pajamas at home).

Debs runs into Sarah again and puts a damper on the whole idea of them being together, crushing Sarah, and Anna, a newcomer to the scene tries to start things up with Debs before moving on to Beth.

Finally, in episode six, “Drought down in Southland,” Beth’s mother shows the extent of her memory issues, scaring Beth into wanting to make another doctor’s appointment. The potluck tonight includes Anna, from episode five and…the inconsequential baby butch I didn’t catch the name of and probably isn’t coming back.

Tensions rise as the crew plays a game that leads Beth to leave with Anna. Debs makes her way down to the restaurant, now closed, and meets up with the woman behind the counter she hasn’t had the courage yet to ask the name of (revealed to be Zoe).

I’m so tickled over this set of episodes. I love the new introduction, the continuing hardships, and the revealed interpersonal issues. I’m particularly fond of Debs, but I see myself in all of these characters, and that on-screen empathy is a rare thing to find.

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