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Paizo Announces New Pathfinder Core Rulebook And Starfinder Second Edition Playtest Among GenCon Releases

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Paizo, publisher of the Pathfinder and Starfinder roleplaying games, has revealed the new releases it will bring to Gen Con at Indianapolis. When the doors open on August 1 fans will find the Pathfinder Player Core 2 rulebook, the Curtain Call Adventure Path, the Starfinder Second Edition Playtest suite of products, and more—all published under the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License!

Pathfinder Player Core 2

Survival in a world beset by magic and evil takes more than a lucky roll of the dice. Pathfinder Player Core 2 significantly expands options available to Pathfinder players, giving them the edge to take on any adventure. This 320-page hardcover rulebook remasters 8 classes from Pathfinder Second Edition, providing everything players need to create a wide array of new characters, ready to take on the world. It also includes more than 40 archetypes, expanded ancestries, and tons of feats, spells, and alchemical items to provide a near-endless array of exciting options for every Pathfinder character!

“Pathfinder Player Core 2 is the fourth core rulebook for the fully remastered Pathfinder Second Edition RPG! These rules are compatible with previous Pathfinder Second Edition rulebooks, incorporating comprehensive errata and rules updates and some of the best additions from later books into new, easier-to-access volumes with new presentations inspired by years of player feedback. Along with the Player Core, GM Core, and Monster Core, these books provide a new foundation for the future of tabletop gaming!” said Paizo Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Erik Mona.

The Pathfinder Player Core 2 rulebook will be available in hardcover and Special Edition. A Wayne Reynolds sketch cover will be offered exclusively to hobby retailers for a 120-day exclusivity period, after which time it will also appear on

Curtain Call Adventure Path

You’ve made a name for yourselves as heroes, and now your adventuring group has been offered a unique opportunity—to help produce an extravagant opera based on your prior adventures! Fighting dragons and fiends and undead by torchlight is one thing, but are you ready for the challenges that face those who step into the limelight? Even when there are powerful forces who might seek to stand in your way? The Curtain Call Adventure Path is a monthly three-part series of connected adventures that form a complete Pathfinder campaign for characters of 11st to 20th level.

Pathfinder 2e Curtain Call cover

Volume 1, Stage Fright

Rumors abound that an old enemy, a dangerous foe you defeated at the culmination of your first huge adventure, has come back. Yet confronting your old nemesis once again is only the beginning of what’s next for your group, for a famous director has singled you out as the subject of her newest opera. How dangerous could it be, helping to produce an extravaganza based on your own heroic legacy?

Stage Fright” is a Pathfinder adventure for four 11th-level characters. This adventure begins the Curtain Call Adventure Path, a three-part monthly campaign.

Pathfinder Adventure: Prey for Death

The infamous Red Mantis assassins are feared throughout the world for their ruthlessness and legacy—those they slay stay dead! Yet they are not without honor, so when a group of assassins sent on a dangerous mission are met with unexpected treachery, they must clear their own names while remaining true to their murderous calling, even as greater plots and shocking truths reveal themselves.

Prey for Death is a deluxe hardcover Pathfinder Second Edition adventure for 14th level characters, and gives players the chance to play members of the world’s most notorious assassin’s guild. The adventure also includes new items, lore, and character backgrounds, as well as a several powerful monsters ready to threaten high level characters!

Prey for Death will be available in hardcover and Special Edition.

Starfinder Second Edition Playtest Rulebook

Starfinder Playtest book cover

Get ready for the latest upgrade to the acclaimed science-fantasy Starfinder Roleplaying Game! The Starfinder Playtest Rulebook brings Starfinder into a new age of compatibility, as Starfinder switches to using the same rules engine that powers the popular Second Edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Inside this playtest for the new edition, you’ll find six new classes, 10 ancestries, new skills, new feats, futuristic equipment including augmentations and upgrades, new science-fantasy spells, and more!

“You can directly shape the future of Starfinder by participating in a fun and rigorous playtest using one of several playtest adventures released throughout the playest period, or by trying out the new rules in your own games. If you’ve ever wanted to fire a gatling gun into a horde of onrushing aliens while laughing menacingly, battle robots in a derelict starship as a solar knight, or hack computer systems with plants as a mystical xenodruid, then the Starfinder Playtest Rulebook has you covered!” said Starfinder Managing Creative Director Thurston Hillman.

This 264-page softcover playtest rulebook is packed with new content that lets you build a science-fantasy character from level 1 to 20. Create a character to participate in the Starfinder Playtest or see how this new content might work in your Pathfinder campaign. The future is yours to shape! (You’ll need a copy of Pathfinder Player Core and Pathfinder GM Core to use this product.)

Starfinder Second Edition Playtest Adventure: A Cosmic Birthday

Starfinder Second Edition Playtest Adventure: A Cosmic Birthday cover

A nascent cosmic entity stirs deep within one of the Pact Worlds planets. To aid the god’s birth, its most devoted followers search the Ghost Levels of Absalom Station for a sufficient power source—a strange pocket dimension existing alongside the hub of the Pact Worlds. As the entity’s emergence sends ripples across space time, a group of heroes becomes trapped in the Ghost Levels! With dangerous creatures and ominous power surges threatening the station, the heroes must team up with the residents of Little Akiton to investigate these horrifying new foes, stop their meddling—and stay alive!

A Cosmic Birthday is a complete Starfinder Second Edition Playtest adventure for 1st-level characters, and features fan-favorite Starfinder creatures updated to Second Edition, all-new cosmic horrors, and a mix of classic dungeon crawling and narrative-rich sandbox adventures. This adventure is designed to introduce the Starfinder Second Edition Playtest rules, giving players like you a chance to shape the new edition through feedback surveys about your playtest experience! It also takes place during a pivotal moment in Starfinder history—even if you miss the playtest window, you won’t want to miss the adventure!” said Starfinder Sr. Developer Jenny Jarzabski.

Starfinder Flip-Mat: Second Edition Playtest Multi-Pack

Playtest the new edition of Starfinder in style with this collection of two double-sided Flip-Mats featuring four key encounter areas from not one, but two Starfinder Playtest Adventures: A Cosmic Birthday and Empires Devoured! One Flip-Mat features a futuristic space station and a science-fantasy cityscape—both abandoned and ready for investigation! The other features a dense fungus jungle and a futuristic settlement bordering the jungle, for exciting sci-fi adventures on the borderlands!

All these products and more have been offered to be sold everywhere on planet earth starting August 1. They will be available in PDF and supported by licensed Paizo partners. Learn more at

Images via Paizo

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