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New Shadowdark RPG Wants To Put Fresh Spin On Old School Gaming

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 Kelsey Dionne, best known for The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse, has launched a brand new non ogl roleplaying game that bridges the gap between the past and present letting gamers of all ages and backgrounds create a back-to-the-future moment for tabletop roleplay. Old-school gamers will enjoy a gritty dark adventure akin to the gaming of their youth while newer gamers will love the retro feel along with modern features that streamline the gaming process. The campaign launched on Kickstarter earlier today:

“This has been a lifelong dream of mine and now it’s coming true,” Kelsey Dionne remarked. “I wanted to capture that moment that is the magic of when you fall in love with gaming. You are young and falling into a world where you can do anything and being the hero of your own story is just everything. Here it is. Shadowdark is that game.”

Shadowdark book and slipcase

About Shadowdark RPG
Title: Shadowdark RPG
Format: Hardcover, 325 pages.
Genre: Fantasy, Adventures
Writer: Kelsey Dionne
Artists: Lucas Korte, Yuri Perkowski Domingos, Matt Morrow, Brandish Gilhelm, Jessee Egan, David Wright-Spaner, Abdul Latif, Matt Ray, Mark Lyons

Shadowdark RPG is a fantasy adventure game that is both classic and modern. Your party will delve into buried ruins, lost cities, spider-infested forests, and even fearsome dragon lairs in search of gold and glory.

The Shadowdark is any place where danger and darkness hold sway. It clutches ancient secrets and dusty treasures in its rotting claws, daring fortune seekers to tempt their fates

Fell monsters, mythical spells, and astonishing treasures await adventurers brave enough to seek them. Do you dare seize your destiny from the jaws of death itself?

What others are saying about Shadowdark: 

“Feels just like the ideal version of a game I was playing forty years ago, but forty years better.” – Matt Forbeck

“Everybody has a dungeon-crawling game for the same reason everybody has a chocolate chip cookie recipe: because chocolate chip cookies are fucking delicious. With beautifully creepy old-school art and plenty of wonderful random tables — and those killer darkness rules as the macadamia nuts — Shadowdark is one hell of a tasty cookie.” — Kenneth Hite, designer of QELONG & consultant on DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 5e

The campaign for Shadowdark RPG also features three Mini-Adventures, eight pre-gen characters with art, and three “Curse Scroll” zines featuring new material for the game. There’s also a premium edition of the game with a special cover and slipcase. All physical rewards also come with digital versions.

Shadowdark RPG rewards

Images via The Arcane Library

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