Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New Podcast Life of Bi Promises Comedy, History, & Lots of Adult Jokes

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With the surprise announcement of the new podcast Life of Bi, I can definitely say that my weekend started off right for celebrating Pride. Ell Potter and Mary Higgins, a British comedy-duo who runs their projects under the moniker of ‘HOTTER Projects’, wrote and will host Life of Bi, and the women plan to embark on an eight-episode exploration of bisexuality this summer. The podcast, Life of Bi: A Slippery History of Bisexuality, teases an inclusive, feminist production, and its first episode drops tomorrow! It’s everything I’ve wanted in a podcast since I got addicted to the format last summer, and from what little we can glean off social media, Potter and Higgins aim high for their subject matter.

The tagline for Life of Bi advertises, “Are we living in a bisexual renaissance? From Ancient China to TikTok, writers, hosts, and ex-gfs Mary & Ell explore what it really means to be a modern bisexual.” Those are some broad, rainbow-fied strokes, and this is the first time, as far as I know, that a documentary series will cover the whole breadth of bisexual history and culture.

Queer history podcasts like History Is Gay and Queer as Fact cover older topics, such as ancient China, or more recent twentieth-century bisexual creators and activists, but I’ve never seen any commentary on how the Internet today is affecting the bi community. Robin Craig, who did research for the show alongside Potter and Higgins, also foreshadowed that Life of Bi will discuss how bisexuality intersects with topics such as radical feminism and colonialism. 

From the audio trailer that dropped Thursday, Potter and Higgins banter through discussions of biphobia and exude the kind of womanly confidence that promises hostesses who won’t put up with any of bullsh*t in the best way. And Life of Bi’s trailer also includes audio from Lani Ka’ahumanu’s reverberating ‘It Ain’t Over Till The Bisexual Speaks’ speech. This podcast promises to be as defiant as all the past bisexual people who were out, loud, and most of all, proud.

Image Courtesy of HOTTER Projects

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