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New ‘Avengers Inc.’ Preview Shows Jan Van Dyne Taking On A Supervillain Murder Mystery

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You’ve heard about Avengers-level threats. Now, get ready for Avengers-level mysteries! Starting next month, Al Ewing and Leonard Kirk’s brand-new noir-inspired Avengers Inc. series will see Janet Van Dyne lead Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into a new era of super hero storytelling that mixes high-stakes Avengers action with super powered sleuthing. Hitting just in time for the Avengers’ milestone 60th anniversary, Avengers Inc. begins as Wasp investigates a string of super villain murders. She’ll find help in the form of a mysterious new partner–Victor Shade! Has this former alias of Vision resurfaced to guide Wasp to the truth or is his familiar guise hiding the very clues Janet needs to crack the case?

Her name is Janet Van Dyne. She’s a hero. She’s a celebrity. She’s hunting a killer and she’s not the only one. By her side is Victor Shade. He’s a villain. He’s an enigma. He just got killed. And together, they’re out to solve every mystery in the Marvel Universe…starting with their own. Fans can get their first look at this stylish new series in the all-new AVENGERS INC. trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork and covers!

Avengers Inc.. takes the beating, buzzing heart of the original Avengers, teams her up with an undead mystery man with an identity so secret even he doesn’t know it, and sends them both out to solve the most amazing, fantastic and uncanny whodunnits the Marvel Universe has to offer!” Ewing explained. “It’s kind of a classic ‘will-they-won’t-they’ crime-solving partnership—or it would be if the ‘will-they’ in question was ‘save the world from…’ Well, that’d be telling. See you in September!”

Check out the trailer, variant covers, and interior artwork now and pick up Avengers Inc. #1 on September 13! For more information, visit


Written by AL EWING


Variant Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU
Virgin Variant Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU

Variant Cover by ERICA D’URSO
Saturday Morning Variant Cover by SEAN GALLOWAY

Avengers 60th Anniversary Variant Cover by LEO ROMERO

Connecting Avengers Variant Cover by ALEX ROSS

Virgin Sketch Connecting Avengers Variant Cover by ALEX ROSS

On Sale 9/13

Image via Marvel Comics

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