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Legends Of Tomorrow Welcomes Zari as New Team Member

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As promised during the offseason through casting announcements, it’s finally time for Legends of Tomorrow to introduce us to Tala Ashe as DC Comics’ superhero Zari Tomaz aka Isis.

Starting off at a 2042 Seattle where ARGUS has taken over and is pushing a state of martial law. We see a prisoner being transported by some ARGUS personal when Kuasa, the woman who rose from the water last episode, uses her powers to enter the transport vehicle and kill the guards. Unlucky for her, she isn’t able to reach the prisoner as she managed to escape somehow. And who of all people witnessed all this? Time Bureau’s agent Gary, who sent out an alert.

At the Waverider, Martin and Nate catch Amaya in a sleepwalking state, channeling spider powers to cling to the ceiling of the kitchen. They wake her up and, while Amaya thinks the problem with the totem is mystical, she agrees to go with Martin to check her up for any medical conditions that may be influencing her powers.

Upon intercepting Gary’s distress signal, Sara takes Mick, Ray, and Jax to investigate. They find Gary who explains he was tracking down a time-traveling metahuman but was not expecting her to be an assassin. Gideon can give them information on the prisoner who was being transported: Zari Tomaz. They find her, but so does an ARGUS drone. Zari is able to use some tech to avoid being noticed by the machine, leaving the Legends to deal with a team of ARGUS agents wanting to arrest them. However, with a classic bait-and-switch, they are able to fight the agents and get away safely.

The Legends try investigating a bit further on whatever the hell is going on in a futuristic Seattle in 2042. Turns out that, under ARGUS’s control, not only it is illegal to be a metahuman, but to have a religion, which sucks for Zari because she is Muslim. It also doesn’t help that she has an impressively long rep-sheet which includes larceny, identity theft, conspiracies, and others. They find her again at a bar — Mick’s suggestion —, but so does the Water Woman, who goes hand to hand with Sara before they can escape back to the Waverider.

The team suggests they use Zari as bait in order to catch the assassin and she agrees to it, but only if they help her rescue her brother, who’s being held at an ARGUS facility (Dominic Purcell even gets to have a Prison Break meta joke).

Given Martin’s interference yields no result, Nate does some research and suggests to Amaya that they use a traditional hallucinogenic Zambesi root so that they can go on a vision quest to figure out what the mystical problem of her totem is.

The team manages to successfully infiltrate the ARGUS black site dressed like mechanics. Jax and Ray go after the mainframe so they can open up the cell where Zari’s brother is, but upon realizing that everyone being held is a metahuman, Jax decides to open up every single cell, releasing all the prisoners to some well-timed chaos. In fact, it is so well timed, that Zari goes missing during the riot that she can retrieve a necklace/amulet: it’s a heist.

She meets the Legends again while trying to escape and explains that the amulet used to be her brother’s. Upon touching the amulet, it starts glowing and so does Amaya’s, to her deep surprise. The Legends ask Nate to bring the Waverider to them, but he is so high already that he physically ends up doing nothing of use. Once outdoors, Zari touches her necklace and ends up floating in a tornado away from them, but now being followed by Ray.

Meanwhile, Amaya is finally going on the promised vision quest, experiencing a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing landscape. She meets a woman dressed in Zambesi clothing who identifies herself as “all who have come before [Amaya].” The woman tells Amaya that she must learn to learn to run beside the power of the totem which is getting stronger due to outside forces becoming stronger as well. She also tells her she must find and protect Zari, a new totem-bearer.

Ray finally catches up to Zari, kneeling on the ground of the ruins of a property. She explains the place was where she was supposed to meet her parents, who had to run away after ARGUS killed her brother (the previous yielder of the totem) and took the amulet. Zari’s story is cut short by both the Water Witch showing up and a gigantic Time Bureau ship hovering over the Waverider. Agent Sharpe calls in being all bossy and everything, pretty much the usual, but Sara is not easily scared, so she tries to escape them.

The Water Witch starts drowning Ray when Zari finally interferes, not letting herself being assuaged by the assassin, and deciding to use the totem to fight her, even if it doesn’t do a lot. Sara decides to play a game of chicken with Agent Sharpe for the sake of Zari, who the Time Bureau would put back in jail in order to restore the anachronism, and wins when Agent Sharpe teleports away from the incoming suicidal impact.

The Legends arrive just in time to back up Ray and Zari. Amaya takes charge, trusting in her totem, and elephant-slapping the assassin away, even if she ends up using a carved rock to teleport herself away. With the problem dealt with, Agent Sharpe calls in again to promise Sara that, if she ever meets them again, she will exile them to the dawn of time.  

Despite getting a hold on her totem again, Amaya decides to stay because she feels intertwined with Zari. To do that, Amaya has to convince Zari to stay together with the Legends as a time-traveling superhero not only to keep safe from the problems she faces in 2042 but also to help her with her journey. Thankfully, Amaya is persuasive, and we get a new Legend to keep up with.

Capping off the episode is the preview for the next one: in a very It­-esque scene, we meet a Ray Palmer in his kid years, biking away from some school bullies. He hides out in a pipeline and is greeted by a growling set of shiny eyes in the dark. It’s kind of telling of Ray’s personality that upon hearing a growl and only seeing creepy eyeballs, his first instinct is to introduce himself to whatever that creature is.

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