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Legends of Tomorrow Make a New Friend And Screw Up the Timeline (Again)

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The Legends have finally made it to the last leg of their journey: New York City. Now the only thing between them and reclaiming time travel is locating Gwyn Davies. They head out to locate a map, and also some food and drink that isn’t whiskey. They get a little too casual, with both the Bullet Blondes out in their full blonde glory and talking about ‘2044’ and ‘mansion dimensions’. A shop owner overhears them.

He can’t help but notice the two blondes in front of him look an awful lot like the two blondes under the headline declaring they’re not sisters. Ava tries to cover, claiming they’re Canadians, but this store owner knows better. He pulls out a gun and is very trigger-happy about it. Sara gets Ava out of the way, taking the bullet herself. Behrad uses his powers to disarm the man and thanks to her healing factor, Sara’s soon on her feet again, but they’ve drawn a lot of eyes their way. They head back to the manor the getting away from the attention.

Meanwhile, in the manor, Zari’s been working on Hoover-bot to figure how who sent him and why. His tech is similar to the Waverider’s so she’s able to quickly get into his system. This discovery also leads them to theorize that whoever had the other Waverider likely sent Hoover-bot.

Zari Tarazi
Flannel Zari has been back five minutes and already hacked into future tech on an outdated laptop.

Nate comes bearing Zari’s favorite food, donuts. The rest of the team returns, Nate and Zari are a little horrified to see the giant bullet hole in Sara’s dress. Sara says she’s fine. Ava on the other hand is not trilled she had to watch her wife take a bullet.

Gary pulls Nate aside, asking him if he’s had a chance to talk about their relationship. He hasn’t because he doesn’t know how to broach the topic. Gary pushes him to talk and Zari notices them whispering together.

The good news is, with the map they got, they now know where to find Davies. Ava volunteers to go, but Sara stops her. If they run into another trigger-happy citizen who recognizes the Bullet Blondes, Sara would rather the one who has superpowered healing be in the line of fire. Ava isn’t happy, but she agrees as long Sara promises don’t leave any traces of their presence in the timeline.

She and Gary head to Edison Labs (as in Tomas Edison) where Davies works. Using her charm plus assassin skills Sara steals Davies’ research on the time machine.

Meanwhile, my favorite trio of Astra, Spooner, and Gideon have been hoofing it across the country because their hitchhiking attempts haven’t been fruitful. Spooner’s mood is already pretty low but it plummets once Gideon says they have a day to get to New York or the rest of the team dies. Astra uses a spell to create a lucky stone and it seems to work right away when the next vehicle on the road stops for them.

Astra, Gideon and Spooner
This was cute.

Back in New York, the Tazari siblings have gone over the time machine schematics and think they can build the machine in five years. Sara’s not thrilled by the prospect of being in the 1920s for that long, but they don’t have any other choice. Ava asks her to sneak Davies papers back into his bag before the timeline is altered. Even if she is a little reluctant to do it right away, her wife asked so she heads off to Davies place. But, at his apartment, she finds Davies has already built a time machine.

She wants to use his time machine to avoid the five-year wait. Behrad discovers in the plans that Davies’ machine is still missing one part. That’s no big deal, they can find the part in Edison’s labs. Gary volunteers to collect the part, also taking the chance to offhandedly comment about relationships and commitment in Nate’s general direction. Zari, hilariously thinks this means Nate and Gary hook up. She’s not mad, but would be confused.

Ava doesn’t like the idea of changing things, but Sara convinces her that small footprints wouldn’t hurt.

Back with the hitchhiking trio, their ride has broken down on the side of the road. But this time, Spooner isn’t despondent because she has their lucky rock. And in no time, Erwin Geroge ‘Canon Ball’ Baker, a famous race car driver is stopping in front of them. He’s on his way to New York, but for a little lost. In exchange for riding with him, they offer to give him directions thanks to Gideon’s encyclopedic knowledge.

At Edison labs, Gary goes in search of the part while Sara enacts a plan to keep Edison busy and away from his so they can use the time machine. Unfortunately, Gary runs into Tomas Edison, letting it slip that Davies is working on a time machine. Edison doesn’t approve of Davies’ research, having him taken away to a mental hospital.

Meanwhile, back at the magic mansion, Zari’s found Hoover-bots to-do list in his programming. The most important thing on the list is ‘eliminate the Legends.’ They’re confused by that. The person who created Hoover, obviously did it to preserve the timeline. The Legends don’t understand why they’d be on their hit list when preserving the timeline is their goal too.

Behrad, Zari, Ava and Nate
Big Scooby gang energy here.

Meanwhile, our hitchhiking trio and Cannon Ball are stopped by a cop for speeding. Astra, with the lucky rock in hand, smooth-talks the officer to give them a police escort. To the state line. Soon enough New City is on the horizon and they’re excited they’re going to make it in time. Canon Ball stops for a bathroom break and Astra and Spooner take the chance to stretch their legs, leaving a sleeping Gideon in the car. Someone in a bike rides past, and they don’t notice until it’s too late he’s stealing the car. Canon Ball, still trying to beat his record to New York, takes the bicycle, leaving Astra and Spooner behind.

Spooner and Astra
That feeling when you lose your friend/sorta-child

Back in the mansion, Zari teases Nate about Gary, but he admits that Gary helped him realize he’s been using their totem separation as an excuse to not take the next step in the relationship. Zari realizes this means they’re having ‘that talk.’ Nate realizes they might already have the solution to their problem. Fancy and Flannel Zari can’t exist at the same time because Behrad’s timelines conflict when they do, but the mansion exists outside of time meaning Zari could live in here with Nate.  Zari seems excited about the idea, but when Nate leaves the room, Hoover-bot says she’s lying.

In Davies’ place, Behrad puts the final piece in the time machine, but when he does, Ava and Gary both disappear. Sara realize if Ava and Gary are gone, but they’re still there, they must have changed the timeline to one where the Time Bureau doesn’t exist. Terrified of a timeline where she and Ava never meet, she knows they need to fix things as soon as possible. But to keep the timeline intact, they’ll also need the original copies of Davies’ notes which Edison took. For that job, she had Zari reprogram Hoover-bot so he can collect the notes. Meanwhile, she’s going to get Davies from the hospital.

Disguised as a doctor, she slips into Davies’ room, freeing him and revealing she’s a time traveler who needs his help. At first, he doesn’t believe her, but when she talks about how time travel made it so she met her wife, her earnestness gets through to him. She asks for his help restoring her to the timeline. He agrees if she’ll help him save someone he cares about.

Gwyn Davies
Who is so special to you, you uncovered the secrets of time for them?

But, as they’re trying to slip out of the hospital a doctor notices Davies, recognizing him as a patient. He and Sara pretend Davies is holding her hostage in order to escape.

Meanwhile, while Zari and Nate are retrieving the notes, Hoover-bot begins to glitch, because in spite of deleting his programming of ‘eliminate the Legends’ having him help them conflicted too much with his core goal. This causes him to explode in front of Edison, giving Thomas Edison a heart attack, killing him. As they’re cleaning up the pieces of Hoover-bot, Zari admits she wants to live with Nate, but in the totem not the mansion. She’s found a home and community with her ancestors that she doesn’t want to give up. Nate asks for the time to think about it. But they can finish cleaning, they hear the sounds of a Waverider and hide. A Hoover-bot and an Edison-bot come in, neither noticing Nate nor Zari under the desk while they hide the real Edison’s body.

Meanwhile, Davies and Sara arrive at his place. Nate and Zari fill them on the new developments. Davies installs the final part in the machine, resorting the timeline. Ava and Gary reappear, and Sara’s so happy to have her co-captain back. Ready to Time Travel, they decide on traveling to Tahiti, 2021, Ava remembering there’s a Time Bureau safe house there. There’s also the bonus of it being a choice honeymoon destination.

Back with Astra and Spooner, Spooner wants Astra to make a new lucky rock so they can still get to New York. Astra admits there is no such thing as a luck spell, and she fakes it to help boost her mood. Astra points out their luck through the day were things they made happen, and they can do it again, but they only have five minutes to do. Spooner looks around, getting an idea. She grabs Astra, running to a nearby electricity pylon. They might not be able to get to New York, but with a big enough shock they can take out the power to the city.

Meanwhile, Gideon wakes up in the car. She uses the lucky rock to knock the car thief out. And rushes to New York. As Gideonruns to Davies’ apartment, Astra is casting a lightning spell that causes an electrical surge. At the same moment Gideon arrives at the apartment, Davies flips the final switch on the time machine.

Spooner and Astra watch as the power goes out in New York, with no way to know if they made it in time until they get there themselves. They get to Davies’ place, just in time to hear the end of Gideon explaining how she got there. The whole family is excited to be reunited, but Davies is oddly surprised by how many of them there are.

A while later, Spooner and Astra have filled everyone on their part of the story. Nate wonders how they knew the blackout would work. Spooner shares a smile with Astra as she says they get lucky. Time moms are taking a moment to themselves. Sara’s feeling some remorse over pushing them to hurry and it almost ended in disaster. Ava reminds her to take comfort in the fact that they’re still there.

When the power comes back on, Gideon explains they’re missing a crucial piece to use the time machine safely, but that part isn’t invented for another 300 years. Just as the team is resigning themselves to being stuck in the past, Zari realizes the part Gideon described is familiar. Hoover-bot just so happens to have one. With the final piece they need, the team gets ready to time travel again, the whole team together this time. But they don’t land in Tahiti. They don’t know where or when they are.

The Legends of Tomorrow
At least they’re all together?


We’re finally introduced to Matt Ryan’s new character. Gywn Davies is so starkly different from John Constantine, nervous and timid where Constantine was self-assured to the point of arrogance at times. Sara is the only member of the Legends we’ve had the chance to see him interact with, thus far. There was a soft wonder when he learnt Sara was married to a woman that stood out to me; that plus the glimpse of a pendant around his neck with the name Thomas on it was enough of a hook to the character, for me.

I am going to miss 1925. These episodes have been a welcomed shake-up to Legends‘ classic ‘new time period’ every week formula. What made it work was, even though it was the same time period, every episode shifted location so it never felt stagnant. I wouldn’t have minded if the Legends had been 1925 a little longer, but this is a time travel show so it was only a matter of time until they got the ability to mess up more than one time period again.

I’ll also miss the Astra/Spooner/Gideon dynamic by itself. Watching their chemistry bounce off one another has been one of the best things of the past few episodes. But, unlike saying goodbye to the 1920’s I’m looking forward to discovering new dynamics. Human!Gideon shifts the rapport she’s had with the team up till now and it’s going to be interesting to see what shifts and what stays the same.

Meanwhile, it’s all but confirmed at this point that the rouge Waverider is Bishop and Anti-Gideon. Bishop’s presence as a villain last season was shaky at best. Legends has had villains who are more charismatic and entertaining and ones who are more intimidating. However, if the Anti-Gideon is actually the driving villainous force this season that could lead to an intriguing exploration of Gideon as a character and what makes ‘our’ Gideon Gideon vs a Gideon stripped of everything but her original protocol. That concept interests me infinitely more than Bishop’s return.

Only Legends Could

  • Avalance really becoming the WLW Bonnie and Clyde with all their headlines.
  • Ava slipping into a Canadian accent and adding ‘eh’ to the end of her sentences.
  • Nate and Zari are cute, but Zari x Donut will always be my OTP.
  • Ava giving a soft kiss to the spot Sara was shot. They’re so soft sometimes.
  • Gideon not understanding Spooner is venting to god and introduces herself by waving at the sky. Gideon must be protected at all costs.
  • Sara: “We could wait five years for the Tarazis to build a time machine that may or may not work. No Offense.” Behrad: “None taken.” Zari: “Slightly Offended.”
  • Everyone saying Davies looks familiar, but saying he looks like everyone but Constantine.
  • Ava saying she didn’t want to know what happened only to immediately learn they killed Thomas Edison while she was gone is a peak Ava Sharpe moment.

Images courtesy of the CW

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