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Become A Kitten And Explore Kyoto In Matagot’s Essen Release ‘Kyoto no Neko’

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Matagot is announced today its newest title, Kyoto no Neko. This upcoming competitive boardgame will see 2-4 players embodying kittens and live various adventures in the city of Kyoto, Japan. Designed by Cédric Millet, with art by Jérémie Fleury, the title is set to release at this year’s Essen Spiel.

Kyoto no Neko box

Based on a system of skills, Kyoto no Neko will see each player explore the modern-days city of Kyoto, and interact with some of its inhabitants, both animal and humans. Through independent scenarios, players will have to fulfill a variety of missions, from befriending a school boy to fight an aggressive stray cat, or steal the food from other players dinner bowl. 

Each turn will provide the opportunity to uncover something new about the city, as players will be revealing various elements from little insects to specific objects or denizens of Kyoto. While some of these elements are represented by cardboard tiles, others will come as standees.

Kyoto no Neko board
Main board during a 3 player game. Each player’s kitten is represented by a colored gum figure.

Throughout the game, each player will evolve, developing their skills and gaining the ability to explore new parts of the map by climbing on bushes and rooftops. With immersive mechanics, components and art, Kytoto no Neko aims to be a “fulfilling” experience for newcomers and experienced players alike.

Kyoto no Neko player board
A player board. Each one depicts a different kitten, that can be spotted on the main cover. 

Designer Cédric Millet (Meeple Circus) explains: “I wanted to give everyone the chance to embody a kitten in a condensed experience of exploration and skill development, based on a role-playing mechanic in which every dice roll has a positive outcome (you succeed or you learn!). The game lets you experience the sensations of a kitten’s life by performing the full variety of typically feline activities (at least a new one in each scenario); I hope it will delight cat fans of all ages!”

“Sharing my studio with three adorable cats and being a big fan of Japanese aesthetics, I put a lot of passion into this project, said illlustrator Jérémie Fleury (Kauri, Pan’s Island), “You’ll find nods to pop culture and a healthy dose of cuteness to ensure that players have a convivial time. Maybe the experience will even make you want to travel, because ever since I illustrated Kyoto No Neko, all I’ve wanted to do is go to Japan!”

Kyoto no Neko envelopes
Scenario-specific elements will be stored in dedicated enveloppes

Kyoto no Neko will release this October at Essen Spiel, with worldwide release sometime after. Keep an eye on The Fandomentals for more news from Matagot and the world of tabletop.

Images via Studio Matagot

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