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I’ll go down with this ship… Maze & Amenadiel

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Lucifer is a show that I’ve fallen in love with from the very beginning. There was something charming about Tom Ellis’ portrayal of the devil…and his accent. Something that instantly drew my attention was the chemistry between Maze and Amenadiel. It’s also because I’m a sucker for the enemies to lovers trope. Although they didn’t quite get there. Even though they totally should’ve!

The characters

You got to know my perspective on Maze in some of my previous articles. Not only on her as a woman but also on the way she’s in relationships. This fierce, sexy, courageous hot-headed demon doesn’t get soft for just anyone. There are even fewer she’d sacrifice something for as she did for him.

Then there’s Amenadiel. He’s on the opposite spectrum compared to Maze. God’s favorite son. While searching for an adjective to describe him I landed on righteousness. Maybe even self-righteous? As we get to know the angel we quickly come to realize a few things. He’s very righteous, will carry out his orders no matter the price, and wants to fulfill his Father’s will. I’d go as far as saying he’s got a complex with making sure everything goes as God wants it. It kind of shows that there’s not as much free will as we’d like to believe. As we meet Amenadiel for the first time he’s come to bring Lucifer back to hell. Slowly he starts to develop his own agenda and stray from his Father’s wishes. He’s punished with losing his wings and powers. With the progress of the show he starts to become his own person more and more while still keeping God’s plan in mind. The angel is the representation of someone with strong beliefs and opinions, whose mind isn’t easily changed. He’s a stoic voice of reason with a calming and soothing presence, always seeking the right way and decision even if it could hurt the ones he’s closest to. He’s the type of character who’s going to do what’s right. To not let himself be ruled by emotions, always trying to make logical and moral choices. Although even Amenadiel had a view hiccups.

Their story

Maze’s and Amenadiel’s romantic story starts and ends in season 1. They knew each other before but weren’t close. The angel looked down on the demon because of who she was. Their relationship (or you should rather call it a fling) started when Amenadiel came to Earth to get Lucifer back to hell. Both Maze and Amenadiel were motivated by the same thing getting Lucifer back to hell. The angel wanted it because it was his Fathers will. The demon wanted to go home. They started plotting together. Their “first date” was adorable. The way Amenadiel got flustered when Maze mentioned sex was cute. Not long after that they start sleeping together. Maze then betrays the angel becoming a double agent for Lucifer. It may seem cold, but she never lied when it came to the fact where her loyalties lie. Although she did become upset when she discovered that both brothers were using her. The relationship fizzles out quite quickly after it began. Even though it didn’t get much further than sex, you could see the start of something and a bond beginning to form. It was intensified when Maze sacrificed her angel feather to save Amenadiel.

Sadly, after that even the smallest chance for anything was cut off with no real explanation on why. We were just left to believe that Maze’s betrayal and Amenadiel’s righteousness caused the rift.
After that there seems to be a delicate truce between these two. This at least allows them to be reluctant allies if the situation calls for it. We briefly touch on their relationship when Amenadiel starts to develop feelings for Linda who is one of the few friends Maze has. That creates some unnecessary drama.

Their flaws

Both characters have their fair share of flaws. I can’t deny that but I would have wanted to see them trying to create and navigate a relationship. Sadly we were robbed of that. This forbidden romance was replaced by a somewhat interesting storyline for Maze. Some character development for Amenadiel. However, the angels’ arcs felt forced and unnecessary, especially when compared to the demon’s storylines. Which… wasn’t all that great either, especially not her love interests.

Then we have the cherry on top. The most ridiculous storyline in the entire show. This weird and forced love triangle/relationship between Amenadiel, Linda, and Maze. This is a plot that I don’t need, for a variety of reasons. The romantic relationship between Amenadiel and Linda came completely out of the blue. I don’t think anybody but the producers and writers saw it coming. I don’t mean in a positive, exciting way. I mean it didn’t make any sense whatsoever. It felt very forced and unnatural. Furthermore, it seemed to me they simply didn’t know what to do with Linda. So they pushed this ridiculous relationship to create some drama.

Then we have the completely unnecessary, over-hyped, and over-exaggerated drama created by this relationship. Especially between Maze and Linda which effectively destroyed three years of character development for Maze. I’d like to believe Maze would’ve been happy for her friend’s new relationship since she was portrayed as someone who’s so open about sex. But then maybe she had more feelings for Amenadiel then she’d like to admit?

I’m not going to even mention that weird parenting triangle and the baby plot, thank you next.

And last but not least, the one strange date and tension between the angel and demon and doctor. Where it seemed as if something could spark between Maze and Amenadiel. Sadly they gloss over it with no explanation. I could’ve gotten over the fact that Maze and Amenadiel didn’t get their happy ending. Regretfully these twists that were supposed to make things exciting for the characters made me not like them and even question their growth throughout the series. I don’t understand why they were put together again. Why couldn’t you just leave them be?

Why I ship them

This unique pair had all the makings of a great ship and slow burn or maybe a tumultuous love affair. It was cut short for no real reason leaving fans hanging.

I’ll always root for this kind of forbidden romance enemies to lovers relationship. It keeps things interesting. It would have offered many interesting character development arcs.

There could’ve been many twists and turns, but alas we’ll never know…

Maybe it’s better this way?

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