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MOI Fragrances Partners with House of David for Unique Leather Fragrance

House of David Parfums has hired the Nose Ethan Turner of MOI Fragrances to design their debut leather fragrance for the Spring/Summer season. The official date for launch is still to be determined.  Ethan was selected to design the fragrance for his previous acumen as a bespoke fragrance designer of over 200 different fragrances. 

House of David, a Monterrey, Mexico-based perfume house, has decided to launch Burnished Leather as their debut fragrance. House of David was developed by founders, David Sanchez and Miguel David Royce, after successfully running a perfume shop in Monterrey. The inspiration for Burnished Leather is memories from Royce entering into leather tanning shops and smelling the animalic but fruity scent of polished and worked leather. Turner with many fragrances built to tell stories has created a unique fragrance that helps capture this childhood memory. 

The Extrait de Parfum, Burnished Leather, is a crude, honest, and direct interpretation of a rough, rugged, but burnished man’s life. It strikes first with a smokey and sexy leather, calmed only by soft raspberry and black currant. It floats into the air followed by Rum and Coffee, finishing with smokey woods. 

The launch of burnished leather is the international debut for Ethan Turner as a Perfumer after a year of designing primarily bespoke fragrances. Turner is also the nose behind Anuri A La Plage from the Senti Designs x MOI Fragrances Collaboration. The international stage is set to see what he can create and Turner says, “I am excited and nervous to finally debut some of my work to new countries. Growing as a business and perfumer means pushing the bounds of what we haven’t done  before.” Turner recently entered Anuri A La Plage into the Art and Olfaction Awards to see if he can continue proving his mettle at the international level. 

Burnished Leather will be available for pre-order at $1,499 MXN in Mexico through the House of David Purchasing link. The fragrance will launch in the Spring of 2022. 

Stay connected via social channels for the most up-to-date information on launch events and where the fragrance will be officially available for purchase. 

Follow MOI Fragrances or House of David on Instagram and Facebook @MoiFragrances and @HouseofDavid_Parfum. Followers are encouraged to use House of David’s official hashtags #HouseofDavid, #HODParfum, and MOI Fragrances’ official hashtags #MOIFragrances, #MaisonEthanTurner, and #MOI2022 when communicating with or about the brand. 

Image courtesy of MOI Fragrance and House of David

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