Sunday, February 25, 2024

Hollow Knight: the Discarded Child

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Hollow Knight might look like the an easy hack and slash based in a cute world, but it is a platformer that tests your patience. The game centers around a world that is filled with bug inhabitants and you are one of them. Thrust into a world unknown to yourself, you explore to find out what this world has to offer. Not every bug is friendly, which means that it is up to the player to decide if everyone deserves the end of their nail. The 2D platformer works can be completed in many ways, but will you complete every single thing that is needed to get the true ending?

Combat wise, Hollow Knight works like every hack and slash, though timing is everything in this game. You are presented with charms that will enhance your gameplay and make the game less daunting to those who rage quit easily. Charms are essentially gambles since there are plenty of builds you can use to complete the game, but it take a lot of time and patience to collect all the charms that will help you on your journey. You can miss out on a lot if you decide to disregard a lot of charms because they are unreachable.

Storywise, Hollow Knight is not to be looked down on at all. You are introduced to the story by traverse every nook and cranny, talking to every friendly NPC, and charting every part of the map. Mapping out every area helps you come closer to what this world is hiding from you. The state of the world and the enemies that pop up show you that this isn’t your average world. Everyone seems to be against you and you have to fight them off or they will kill you. In essence this is a dog eat dog world that will hollow you out without knowing that is happening. The player becomes numb from everything that is happening since there is very little to call a friend.

One play-through isn’t enough to get the full grasp of the game, but it will definitely leave you for wanting to know more. The thing you don’t look at the most is the size of the characters. The player’s character is small, while most characters are seemingly taller than you and there are rare bunch that tower over you. Why is that? Your character, just like most tribe traditions is sent on a journey to become a warrior, or most notably, an adult. My opinion is that this is a coming of age story that pit you against the fiercest of obstacles. The saddest part about this game is that the price is listed at 14.99, when the game itself should be a full 60.

If you never played this game, then you definitely should. Platformers aren’t easy in the slightest, but once you get past that aspect, you will fall in love with the soundtrack and beautiful art design. Hollow Knight: Silksong comes out soon, so playing the first game will get you ready for the sequel.



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