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Guess Who’s Coming to The Flash

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Make sure your little peepers are peeled for a guest star on The Flash this coming week during the big Westallen (Barry and Iris) wedding during the “Crisis on Earth X” crossover! Fans of Starz’ Black Sails should recognize her right away, as everyone’s favorite political queen of Nassau makes her return to the CW.

That’s right, Jessica Parker Kennedy (Black Sails, The Secret Circle) will be making her DCTV debut. Word is currently mum on which role she’ll play, or what her connection to Barry and Iris will be. However, according to TV Guide, keep an eye on an “adorably awkward caterer” who approaches Barry to help calm some pre-wedding jitters.

Of course, just because TV Guide and the Berlanti empire aren’t giving us any spoilers as to who she really is isn’t going to stop us from guessing. Our money is on Parker Kennedy playing Dawn Allen, for a number of reasons. First, this would hearken back to the little quip about needing diapers, perhaps even more directly than Joe’s soon to be imminent fatherhood. The show laid out quite a few mutterings in the pilot, and have hinted that those random mutterings from Barry aren’t so random. They also like to point double meanings from time to time, so the quip about needing diapers might not just be for one couple.

Moreover, let’s take a look at the story unfolding on Supergirl. The Legion of Super-Heroes has been taking shape, with their spaceship crashing on present-day Earth and then being discovered by Kara and the DEO. Thanks to Mon-El finally admitting the truth (when he had no damned reason to lie), we know they’re from the far distant future. Plus we’ve already been introduced to Imra (Saturn Girl), and we know Querl Dox will be debuting later on in the season as well.

Why does this matter? Because as much as DCTV says no more superhero shows, Legion is ripe for a show of its own and could use Supergirl as a long backdoor pilot. Three of the team have been mentioned so far. Well, that’s great Kori, but what does this have to do with Dawn? Well, Dawn was born in the 30th century (it’s complicated) and her daughter joins the Legion of Super-Heroes before Dawn and her family are stranded on another Earth and killed by Dominators, blah blah blah, look, it’s comics, and it’s complicated.

However, one thing DCTV is very, stupidly good at is taking cumbersome and convoluted comic stories and simplifying them. You could go through that whole rigmarole to get a Speedster on the Legion, or you could just make it simple and bend a little time and space and make Dawn be the Speedster hero should Legion actually get its own show.

Obviously, this is all conjecture on our part, but should DCTV and Berlanti move forward with a Legion of Super-Heroes spin-off, there will be an obvious hole for a Speedster and Dawn would easily fit the bill. Plus Parker Kennedy is a CW alumnus, and her stock has risen considerably after Black Sails.

Basically, we just want more Parker Kennedy and would be delighted to see her step into the Speedster boots. Nevertheless, regardless of who her character ends up being, make sure you tune into the crossover event this coming week to catch a glimpse of her!

Image courtesy of Starz

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