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‘Guess Who? Paw Patrol’ Takes Over My House

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The Op just released a new version of Guess Who? – This version is Guess Who?: Paw Patrol. I have a 6 year old boy and an 8 year old girl who were excited to help me review this game, which adds new characters from Paw Patrol and lets you guess which character each player has randomly chosen from the 24 available characters shown on cards. Players ask yes or no questions until a character narrows down the options and guesses the other player’s character correctly. The Op has other versions of Guess Who? as well. And, if you are a Paw Patrol fan, you can find my Monopoly Junior: Paw Patrol review here.

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 Trays
  • 48 Face Cards
  • 1 Deck of 24 Mystery Cards
  • 1 Rulebook
Guess Who? Paw Patrol box art

How’s it Play?

Guess Who? Paw Patrol tray

The object is to take turns asking a yes or no question to try to guess your opponent’s mystery character before they guess yours.

This is a 2 player only game, and players each take a board and flip it so all the doors are open. The easiest way is by tipping it over away from you and then setting it back up, which kids all seem to enjoy doing (and even some adults!). Players randomly take a mystery card and can place their mystery card in the slot on their board.  The other player then begins asking them questions about it.

Players ask yes or no questions about the other player’s mystery card, and based on their answer, the player flips down faces on the game board to eliminate those characters. This would be all characters that are opposite the answer to the player’s question. Once a player wants, they can guess the mystery player’s name instead of asking a yes or no question. But don’t take a guess until you’re ready, because if you guess wrong, you lose the game.

You win if you correctly guess your opponent’s mystery character. If you guess incorrectly, your opponent wins. You can continue playing using your score tracker to keep track of the player who first wins 5 games. 

Guess Who? Paw Patrol 1 vs 1

The Verdict

Guess Who? Paw Patrol narrowing down characters

This game uses the same mechanics in most Guess Who? games. Since the theme for this version is Paw Patrol, if you have kids interested in that show, this might be a good option. This is a 2 player only game, so good for when there is a small group of kids. The game is all about the questions, and in this version you will most likely use the same questions over and over again in different order. The pictures include different color backgrounds to help ask questions, but sometimes only one or two have the same colored background. 

The other hard part, is trying to make questions where half of your board potentially can get flipped down. This is hard after the first couple questions because there almost is nothing tying any of the remaining together. Either they are all too similar, or all too different. 

But the kids have really liked the game, my 6 year old especially gets excited when he is getting closer and closer to guessing my card.  The components seem pretty solid so far – no issues with the plastic trays. And the game provides a quick guess who to learn more about the characters in Paw Patrol.

Guess Who? Paw Patrol cards and possible characters

Images via The Op

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