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Green Lanterns Journey to the Corps

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When we last left Jessica and Simon, they had just saved the Justice League watchtower from Dr. Polaris. He escaped in the confusion, and will most likely be back to seek revenge on our two favorite lanterns. Before that can happen though, their rings have recalled them to Mogo, the home of the Green Lantern Corps (Along with Rami/Volthoom, who will most certainly be up to no good).


We open on Simon and Jess already en route to Mogo. They can’t control their trajectory at all, they just have to wait it out. Poor Jessica. Her anxiety gets the better of her and she pulls the emergency break on her ring leaving her, well, nowhere.

Yeah, way.

After a brief argument with her ring (and possibly regretting how much personality she’s given it) Jessica really starts freaking out. For an agoraphobic, the emptiness of deep space is really not the ideal place to hang out, especially when your power ring’s emergency protocol has you locked out. (We’ve all been there, am I right?)

Just when she really starts to lose it, who should appear but Kyle Rayner, former white lantern, now reinstated to the GLC. Kyle popped out to retrieve Jessica and take her to Mogo via the scenic route. On the way, they discuss some of the ins and outs of the Corps (and our hearts melt for Jessica bonding with Kyle). They see some amazing sights before arriving to Mogo, where Jessica is blown away by the Corps itself.

Training Day

Simon, Hey Simon, You’re not listening…

Simon is already there shooting the breeze with the lanterns’ drill sergeant, Kilowog. Kilowog calls everyone poozers, then explains what’s been going on in the other Green Lantern comic, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. It seems that the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps have joined teams. There is still some tension there, as Jessica bumps into a particularly weird looking Sinestro Corps member and almost starts a fight.

Kilowog also explains that Earth’s two newest lanterns haven’t completed their training. He even goes so far as taking Jessica’s lantern insignia off her uniform rendering her a “white circle”. This doesn’t sit well with Jess, and she disappears.

Other Stuff

Somewhere else, Rami has been summoned as well, to the Guardians’ stone circle to meet with Ganthet. The remaining Guardians don’t know that Rami is really Volthoom in disguise. They ask Rami if he can help them repair the rings. Something is wrong with the green rings, and they can’t recruit new lanterns. If Volthoom has his way, this will not end well.

Whoops, I looked…

Back on Mogo, Jess is ticked off at being busted down to a white circle. She’s already done a lot to prove herself, including fighting through crippling anxiety, learning to do constructs herself, and SAVING A GAZILLION TONS OF METAL FROM FALLING TO EARTH. (We tend to agree with Jessica). John Stewart, leader of the Corps drops in to explain his reasons (and for Jess to ogle his rippling abs). They might have gone through a lot and come out as better lanterns, but they still have to go through formal training just like everyone else. Can you guess who’s going to be training them? (I’ll give you a clue, it’s not Kilowog).

Friendly Faces

This was a fun issue, as it reunited the Green Lanterns with the rest of the Corps. Seeing them interact with the old guard lanterns was a treat (especially Kyle and Jess. Can we have a third Green Lantern title that is just Kyle and Jess flying through space Doctor Who style? Thanks so much.) This being a bit of a transitional issue, it was a little talky as our heroes needed to get brought up to speed with what’s been happening in outer space, but it isn’t slow by any means. We were as excited as Jess was to see her introduction to the GLC, (and as frustrated as she was to have her lantern stripped from her uniform). We are super pumped for the training montages and clashing of egos that is sure to come in the next few issues. The only slow bit is with Rami and Ganthet, as that part of the story is still getting set up, and we don’t have our main conflict established. It’s a minor complaint and doesn’t hurt the flow of the issue much if at all.

Space: Where no one can hear you freaking the f@#$ out…

The art is gorgeous, particularly in the space scenes. We could watch Jess and Kyle flying through solar systems and visiting alien worlds all day. (For real, DC, get on this). One of the best parts of Green Lantern comics is seeing the weird alien Corps members, and this issue has those in spades, including one of the weirdest looking Sinestro Corps members we’ve ever seen. This issue continues to be one of the most fun to look at in the DC lineup.

Join us in two weeks as Jess and Simon go to lantern training camp. We’ll see you there.

Fandomentals Rating: 8/10 power rings

Green Lanterns #22: Lost in Space Part 1

Writer: Sam Humphries

Art: Ronan Cliquet

Color: Hi-Fi

Letters: Dave Sharpe

Images Courtesy of DC Comics

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