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Green Lanterns do the Impossible

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In this week’s Green Lanterns #21, our heroes conclude the “Polarity” story arc featuring the original Suicide Squad villain, Magneto… er… Doctor Polaris. When we left them, the Green Lanterns had found Neal Emerson’s sanctum where he had stolen away his terminal brother Seth so he could use magnetism to save him. But things were not going well…

I said I got this. What part of I got this do you not understand?


Each issue of this story arc has taken a look into the mind of Neal Emerson to see his internal struggle. On the inside, Neal’s personality argued on a “Lex Talk” stage with the Doctor Polaris side of himself for control of his body. When Neal was close to Seth, his brother came onstage as a counterpoint to the villain, and it looked like Neal might be able to escape. But then the unthinkable happened, and Seth’s heart stopped.

This issue opens with imaginary Seth giving Neal a pep talk. He believes in his brother’s ability to save lives and change the world for the better. Outside in the real world, things aren’t going so well. Neal struggles to save his brother while Simon looks on. Simon’s best friend and brother-in-law Nazir was terminally ill until Simon miraculously saved him, so Simon knows what Neal is going through.

When the Lanterns make a move to help, Neal snaps. He restrains the heroes and goes into action to save his brother, who is fading fast. His magnetic particles aren’t working like they should. Simon has used his ring to inexplicably save Nazir and even drive the rage from a Red Lantern (which is supposed to be impossible, but Comics!)


Neal reluctantly agrees to let Simon try and save Seth. It’s a long shot, but nothing else is working. Simon tries his best. He’s been where Neal is, and really wants to save Seth, but it’s no use. Simon doesn’t quite know how he’s saved people before and doesn’t seem to be able to call on that aspect of his powers at will.

This is a tragic end for Seth, and the last straw for Neal. Inside his head, he’s still reliving childhood memories with his brother, but then abruptly he’s standing on a darkened stage all alone.

Watch Out for the Watchtower

Doctor Polaris appears to have taken hold, as Neal dons his outfit, leaves the lanterns behind, and heads outside. His animosity toward the Justice League members boils over, and using his magnetism, he wrenches the watchtower from orbit with Cyborg still aboard.

The Lanterns Lantern up. They’ll need full power if they are to save the watchtower, and everyone within the crash zone. Jessica and Simon working together pull out all the stops and manage to crank their willpower to 11. Even as they work, Simon is still doubting himself. Seth’s death reminds him of what happened with his friend Nazir and the fight they had a few issues back.

Despite Simon’s doubts, they are able to save the day. Unfortunately, Polaris’s diversion allowed him time to escape. Inside Neal’s head, the Doctor has taken a firm foothold without Seth to oppose him. Doctor Polaris convinces Neal that the Green Lanterns are at fault, and he vows revenge.

That revenge will have to wait. As Jessica is reassuring Simon that Seth’s death wasn’t his fault, they are called away to space by their rings to planet Mogo, and the Green Lantern Corps.

Emphasis on Teamwork

This issue brought the Polarity arc to a tragic end. Despite his own efforts, and those of the Green Lanterns, Neal Emerson lost his brother, and with it control of his own mind. It’s a sad outcome Neal Emerson, as the last shreds of his own humanity die with his brother. Doctor Polaris is the one driving now, and he’s sure to return for revenge on the Lanterns. Given how poorly the Green Lanterns did against him in straight combat, it will be a tough test for the duo, and we can’t wait for his return. It seems that good things can come from comic event books after all. (Surprise!)

Fortunately, we’ve also seen how powerful the Green Lanterns are when they work together. From the beginning of Green Lanterns Rebirth, it’s been an uphill struggle for Jessica and Simon to work as a team. At first they actively disliked and fought against each other. Eventually, through their various trials they have come to learn each other’s strength and weaknesses, and to help each other improve as heroes. They’ve even become friends and learned to rely on each other as a team, which is great to see.

Now it’s on like Donkey Kong.

In this issue, their time together comes to full fruition as they are miraculously able to send the Justice League’s satellite headquarters back into space using only their willpower. They’ve never been stronger as a team. Even after it’s finished, they talk through Simon’s doubt from not saving Seth, and you can really see how far they’ve come. We also really love the way Jessica’s ring talks now. She’s taught it to use human idioms and call her “J-Bird” which is hilarious, and keeps the issue light when it’s in danger of too much darkness.

The art this issue really steps things up. The pencils and inks are exquisitely detailed and along with the dynamic color and shading, really bring out the emotion of the intense scenes. This is as good a the comic has looked, and was a great addition to the climax of the Polarity storyline.

Yellow Horizon

We’re excited to see what happens next as the Green Lanterns are called into space to meet up with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. This isn’t a full-on crossover, so you won’t have to read the other Green Lantern book to follow along, but it helps to know that the rest of the GL Corps has teamed up with the Sinestro Corps, wielders of the yellow light of fear. It’s possible that the Lanterns’ team-up will be tested by adding a couple of yellows to their group, which considering Jessica’s checkered past with fear and anxiety, could be a turbulent ride.

It’ll be fine though.

The Lanterns have done the impossible more than once on Earth; now it’s time to see how they handle some cosmic danger. We’ll be back to find out in a few weeks.

Green Lanterns #21: Polatiry chapter 3

Writer: Sam Humphries

Pencils: Robson Rocha

Inks: Daniel Henriques and Joe Prado

Colors: Alex Sollazzo

Letters: Dave Sharpe

Images Courtesy of DC Comics

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