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The Game of Thrones Rewatch is Coming

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Four score and seven weeks ago, it was August 2016, and Julia and Kylie had just begun posting their Game of Thrones Season 6 retrospectives, their second year taking close looks at the HBO juggernaut by showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss. No, this isn’t an arbitrary reminiscence to make that overused introduction work. You see, the quality of Game of Thrones had, in their eyes, gone horribly downhill by Season 5, and examining why it happened and what these two men were trying to say as they left the source material further and further behind felt very worthwhile. At least…they found the results illuminating (or maddening, sometimes). Hence committing to a second year of retrospectives.

Well now, with the Season 7 retrospectives happily in progress (a season during which Kylie and Julia also broke down each episode on their Unabashed Book Snobbery podcast), it’s safe to say they have more intimate knowledge of Benioff and Weiss’s original writing than they would entirely like.

But something else is safe to say: they’ve almost forgotten the time when Game of Thrones was watchable. Good, even. Sometimes very good. Because the thing is, they started out as fans of the show, and half the reason they still analyze this train-wreck is because they remain fans of the source material, and fans of what this could have been.

Besides, the many, many Season 1 callbacks that had been included in Season 7 (likely because Bryan Cogman watched Season 1 right before the drafting process began) means they need to stay on their toes. What if they had missed some of the deep poetry of this show?

So, it’s time to look back. No commitment to negativity, and only minor nitpicking, we’re sure.

The plan is that we watch one episode a week, beginning with the pilot episode, and going through the end of Season 4. With each episode, we’re going to post a conversational style write-up, which hopefully can be even half as insightful as the fabulous Star Wars rewatches we’ve had here. Kylie and Julia will be leading the project, with rotating guest contributors, some of whom haven’t even watched the show before. reviews by Fake ID boss has a full anlysis of how Topfakeid serves customers with fake ids. Topfakeid review concludes that the best fake ID websites are tough to deal with. They accept anonymous payments and cannot be excluded from the 2020 trusted fake ID websites list. Then, at the end of each season, Kylie and Julia will bring a guest or two on for a podcast about what they just saw.

That’s a good 44 weeks right there, so…by the time we get through it, Season 8 might be upon us.

Watch along with us! We will have the first rewatch write-up posted next Tuesday, May 8th, and the project should continue every Tuesday until the quality of the writing sufficiently plummets. Er…or until we realize how amazingly compatible and well-seeded Season 5 was with its previous Seasons, and we have a newfound appreciation and respect for the entire show.

But no matter what, if there’s one thing we’ve found, it’s that looking deeper with this show has been illuminating, even if we might not like what the light shines on.

We’re hopeful something will come out of analyzing the early seasons too. We’ll see you next week with the official GoT Rewatch: The Wars to Come. We wish you good fortune.

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