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From Curse to Cause: ‘Ghost and Molly McGee’ Cast Unite for Charity Livestream

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“Operation: Enhappification”, a 6-hour charity livestream dedicated to the series, will be held on the 2nd of March from 11 am to 5 pm (PST) on YouTube Live, as jointly announced by commentary-based YouTube channel Sunnyland Productions, and fan-run group Ghost and Molly McGee Discord, more than a month after the show ended its two-season run.

“After the show ended, me and several fans thought, how can we put the show’s values into action? We came together with series co-creators to put together a charity stream, celebrating the show,” Sunnyland Productions showrunner Chandler Desrochers said in his announcement video.

Guests slated to join include the show co-creators, Bill Motz and Bob Roth, show writers Sammie Crowley, Brandon Hoang, and Paul Chang, musicians & composers Rob Cantor and Michael Kramer, as well as the voice cast; Dana Snyder (Scratch), Michaela Dietz (Darryl), Lara Jill Miller (Libby), Eric Edelstein (Geoff), and Alan Lee (Ollie), with more expected to be announced.

The livestream will also be joined by star-studded hosts, Mann Lightfoot of Mann of a 1000 Thoughts, and Rebecca Parham of Let Me Explain Studios.

Lightfoot recalled, “I’m so glad to be talking to Bill and Bob again, and to raise money for such a good cause”. Parham also stated, “We’ll be doing a lot of [show] related activities, like Q&As, fan-made project reveals, and plenty more shenanigans.”

The event aims to fundraise up to $20,000, with proceeds being donated to Give Kids The World Village, a nonprofit theme park & resort in Central Florida aiming to provide kids with critical illnesses and their families a week-long stay, free of charge.

The livestream was teased a week before it was announced, with Motz releasing a hundred “show ambassador” magnet badges on an online auction, raising a current total of $2,237.24, one-tenth from the target.

Per IMDb, The Ghost and Molly McGee’s storyline is about a “tween optimist”, Molly McGee, aiming to make the world a better place, while cantankerous ghost Scratch wants to spread misery and make the world a worse place. When a curse from Scratch backfires, he finds himself forever bound to Molly, forming an unlikely friendship guiding them through the ups and downs of their respective worlds.

Details and updates on the stream can be read at @LongLiveTGAMM on X (formerly Twitter), @tgamm_events on Instagram, or Sunnyland Productions’ YouTube channel. Additional questions can be directed to @fazleyff on X or Discord.

Image courtesy of Sunnyland Productions

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