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Explore A Beautiful Otherworldly Garden In Soulmuppet Publishing’s New Kickstarter For ‘The Gardens of Ynn’

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British indie TTPRG developer Soulmuppet Publishing (Orbital Blues, Best Left Buried, Inevitable) has announced the Kickstarter to remaster Emmy Allen‘s The Gardens of Ynn, a depth-crawl adventure set in an ever-shifting extradimensional garden. The release will feature With 24 new art pieces from artist RiotBones, a new layout from Mina McJanda (Heart: The City Beneath, Lancer, Orbital Blues), and wrapped in a clothbound cover.

The Gardens of Ynn cover

“Ynn appears as a vast garden, now untended, overrun, and fallen into ruin. Once, this place was a realm of rarefied luxury, but its masters are long dead and the machinery that maintained it has fallen into disrepair.”

The book contains a selection of different Locations, Details, Events and Encounters used to procedurally generate new levels of Ynn as you play.  When you enter a new level, you’ll roll d20 for each of the three elements, adding the Depth of the level (beginning at 0 and increasing infinitely). Once the players have finished exploring the room, they can either Stay Here (subjecting themselves to Events), Go Deeper (generating a new level one level deeper) or Go Back (heading to the Entrance they created, or then trying to Go Deeper from a previous level). The deeper you head into the Gardens, the more perilous and unusual the locations become, ending in whatever secrets lie in the Garden’s deepest depths. 

“Ynn is a perpendicular world. Compare the concept of parallel worlds: from any place in the real world, you can cross over to an equivalent in the parallel world. Any place has its parallel version, just shifted slightly. A perpendicular world, meanwhile, exists at right-angles to reality. Crossing over at a certain point, the further one travels into the perpendicular world, the less like reality it becomes.”

This Kickstarter will remaster the adventure Emmy originally wrote in 2018. With new art, layout and an offset print run. The book is written by Emmy Allen, edited by Pammu Punzalan, illustrated by RiotBones and published by SoulMuppet Publishing. Gardens of Ynn is statted generically for Old School Systems, but can be easily converted into other TTRPG systems.

Gardens of Ynn Features:

  • Systems for generating locations, details and events within the garden.
  • 50 weird and wonderful monsters specifically tailored to the Gardens each statted for generic Old School Systems.
  • Details for The Idea Of Thorns and other dream-viruses that infect the garden.
  • Tables for generating treasure, Ynnian mutations, and various other useful details.
  • A unique class of Ynnian Changelings, human survivors adapted to the garden. 

“Imagine the peacocks that mill about formal gardens. Now imagine if they’ve gone feral, grown to the size of moas. Mutated to grow little teeth in their beaks, long curved claws, predatory intelligence, but they’re still the regal lustrous creatures they were before. Elegance and floral beauty stretched into exotic monstrous things.”

Features of the Remaster:

  • A beautiful bookcloth bound cover that will look stunning on any shelf.
  • 24 new pieces from Riot Bones to replace the illustrations in the original book. 
  • An editing pass to clean up any inconsistencies and spelling mistakes.
  • Brand new layout to match the new art, making the book a pleasure to look at while being easy to run.
Covers for both The Gardens of Ynn and The Stygian Library

The Kickstarter is set to run through May 3rd, and has already raised $46,618 (as of this writing) against $12,579 goal. A PDF copy is priced at $19, with a physical copy running $38. Backers will be able to pick up not only the new remastered Gardens of Ynn but also a reprint of Emmy Allen’s previous depth-crawler, “The Stygian Library”, with a complimentary “sister” cover, which is bundled at $70.

Images via Soulmuppet Publishing

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