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The Flash’s Villainous Team Up Goes Awry

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“True Colors” starts with Katee Sackhoff overstaying her welcome as Amunet being guided through warden Wolfe’s private metahuman prison: how, when, and with whose technology he built the damn thing is a story that won’t be delved in past the fact that it is completely off the books. The warden is keeping Ramsay Deacon (Kilg%re), Becky Sharpe (Hazard), Sylbert Rundin (Dwarfstar), Mina Chayton (Black Bison), and finally Barry Allen in there. Amunet strolls around, seeing the merch, and ultimately decides to take and sell them. Important detail: Barry is never identified as The Flash, so keep a lookout for one of those Chekhov’s revelation down the road.

There’s a scene with Ralph and some person with an accent that I don’t care about, but its whole point is some exposition about how Dibny eventually lets people down — or so he is told which, to be honest, I’m inclined to agree with because I’m so over Ralph at this point that I’m getting turned off by the show itself.

Cecille and Iris try to visit Iris, but the warden comes in to tell them an excuse, but fear not, because Cecille reads his mind and catches his lie on the spot. Upon being told the news, Joe shrugs saying that wardens can make prisoners disappear without raising eyebrows and I have to wonder if this is an actual thing? Like, wouldn’t a city full of gifted people have increased surveillance or something? Sounds fishy.

Anyways, Ralph walks in and starts shapeshifting into the person with the accent by accident so hooray for a new set of powers that will come in handy soon as Iris comes up with a plan involving Ralph disguising himself as the warden to call off the deal.

Things look frisky at the DeVoes, as Marlize is getting bothered by Clifford’s new ability to read her mind and his nonchalance towards their plan potentially getting spoiled by Amunet. It’s also worth mentioning that, somehow, the couple has cameras on the “camera-less” prison, but I guess that’s just Clifford’s annoying omnipresence doing the job.

Cisco and Caitlin pep-talk Dibny into shaping himself to the warden’s likeness—how someone with stretching powers managed to change his skin color is beyond my intellect—so he can go to Amunet. Sadly, the plan ends up failing despite Dibny’s “brave” attempt. Meanwhile, Barry creates some acid from the things in his cell and ignites the revolution, guiding his prison mates towards freedom.

After Dibny’s failure, he decides to walk away from Team Flash raiding the prison to free Barry which is uncannily familiar to, well, pretty much every single Ralph-centric storyline. While on their way, Barry and Becky bond a little as she seems the only one of them who actually seems “reformed”, regretting having hurt the people. Caitlin has Killer Frost give Dibny his 525600th pep talk this season which, quelle surprise, works and gets him in the mood to be A Decent Person ™.

Finally out and with their powers back on, the prisoners have a whole total of 4 seconds to be happy before the warden arrives and shoots a dampening cuff on Barry. Seriously, when did everyone in this town get access to dampening materials? Why hasn’t Amunet, a “top tier meta” been detained yet? Why didn’t Team Flash incarcerate these metahumans at their own STAR Labs prison? How did the warden and his crew arrived at the scene without being noticed? How was Barry so easily beaten again? What-is-the-truth.gif!

The warden reveals Barry is the Flash which directs the prisoners’ taste for revenge towards him. Becky uses her powers to beat all of them pretty easily. Amunet arrives, but she is also barely a match for Becky. And then DeVoe arrives no his magical chair which shoots some Dr. Octopus-esque legs towards the prisoners, presumably taking their powers and killing all of the but Becky: the twist is Clifford transfers himself into Becky’s body and then kills the warden. Vibe and Killer Frost arrive on the scene, but Barry decides to keep his word and go back to his original cell.

Going now to the courthouse, we see the appeal hearing Cecille submitted isn’t going through, but that all changes when the OG Clifford DeVoe arrives in all of his glory—well, it’s Dibny as DeVoe, but you get it—, telling tales of being told to frame Barry and not remembering anything. Given the new discovery, the judge orders Barry to be released from Iron Heights.

The return home is festive, but all good things come to an end as they suddenly realize that, given DeVoe’s pattern of going only after the bus metahumans, Dibny is likely in danger. At the DeVoes, Marlize is upset that their plan got messed up not only because Barry got free, but also because Clifford was only able to get four of the bus metas. While an interesting concept on paper, Becky!Clifford & Marlize’s relationship is doomed to fail as, to cap off the episode, Becky puts a few drops of that powerful drug produced by the Weeper, whom had been captured by DeVoe in a previous episode, and the couple slow dance to their song.

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