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Flash, Feminism, Felicity, and Frost In Central City

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After a brief tease last week, with only three weeks left before the nuptials, it’s time for some bachelor/ette shenanigans. Plus, “Girls Night Out” is a big episode for Caitlin/Killer Frost.

Between training sessions with Ralph Dibny, Barry is in his search to find the DeVoe person who is meant to be one of his biggest nemesis. Felicity comes in with balloons to celebrate Iris’s bachelor party. We find Caitlin booking a plane ticket for that night and, despite making excuses, she ends up being persuaded into joining the women for the event which will also feature Cecille — her daughter Joan is even visiting this weekend to drop some ‘#feminism’ on us.

Meanwhile, the men are also planning on some lowkey festivities, watching homemade videos of Barry and Iris as kids. However, they weren’t counting of Dibny’s uninvited excitement which, as usual, leads them into a strip club.

The women’s party is interrupted by the one-eyed henchman Killer Frost beat up in the season premiere. He asks Caitlin to join him to see Amunet, his employer, but she refuses. The henchman pops his fake eye out of the socket and releases a mini snakey-Dr. Octopus’s tentacle-esque thing (hmm… I don’t know how to describe it better) thing which I guess must be his metahuman power. It doesn’t sound like a lot, I know, but it seems enough to Killer Frost come out and beat his ass again.

At the strip club aka The Golden Booty, the boys are forced to give out their phones due to club policy/plot convenience. Cisco convinces Barry to drink a special concoction he prepared so that Barry could actually get drunk.

The ladies go back to STAR Labs so that Killer Frost can put on some more villainy-blue clothes (it matches her skin tone, guys) and reveals she intends to kill Amunet. Iris tries to convince Felicity and Cecille that, despite her current altered state, Killer Frost is still Caitlin and that they should keep that in mind. As Frosty leaves, Felicity uses the satellite to track her down given they are on their own for the night.

Between dances, sticky fingers, and Barry yelling he is the Flash, something shocking and yet predictable happens: the group sees that Cecille’s daughter is working as a pole dancer in the club, leaving Joe completely flabbergasted.

Killer Frost finally struts in Amunet’s club to find a lot of people consuming a glowing new drug. When we do catch sight of Amunet herself aka Katee Sackhoff with a  dreadlock ponytail, she seems chippy and campy at first, but we are clearly supposed to be fearing this woman whose power is yet unknown. The rest of the ladies arrive at the club and quickly notice the new drug.

Iris follows the henchman into the club’s basement where Amunet is showing Killer Frost a chained man she calls Weeper. Turns out this Weeper person, one of the bus’s metahumans, cries the glowing substance being sold as a drug (it supposedly feels like love) and Amunet is cashing in on that. She explains that, given her newly found goldmine, she needs Killer Frost’s bodyguarding skills, but it doesn’t matter as Frosty is truly out. The two threaten to go at it each other — Amunet’s power involves a bucket of metals which she may be able to control —, but before the fight begins, Iris interrupts and, somehow, gets Killer Frost to walk away with her.

Back at STAR Labs, Frost tells the ladies that, six months prior, Caitlin got desperate and went to Amunet Black, a metahuman black market tech dealer, for a piece of technology that could allow her to stay in control of her alter ego. However, she would have to become Amunet’s muscle. As Killer Frost leaves for a minute, Iris engages in combat mode and delegates activities to Cecille and Felicity on stopping Amunet’s bad intentions for the Weeper. Also, the #feminism counter goes up to four.

Joanie tells Joe that she is writing a book on the female experience and thus she wanted to take on the male gaze of our society by proving that a strong woman could remain strong even if she is a pole dancer. Joe points out the irony in Joanie hiding her work from Cecille.

Iris finds Killer Frost packing with plans to contact a breacher that could get her to another Earth, free of Amunet and able to be who she wants to be. Their conversation is pretty well scripted, but despite Iris’s kind words, Killer Frost still decides to leave.

As she goes to meet the breacher, Killer Frost is surprised by Amunet’s appearance. We finally witness her powers as, with the metal from the bucket, she can construct a gauntlet of sorts and manipulate its constituents to her desire. You know how I have complained about the show being inconsistent with the speedsters’ powers so that we could have a resemblance of “tension”? Well, apparently we are supposed to forget all of the episodes that have already showcased how powerful Killer Frost is because she barely does anything to Amunet at all. In fact, she ends up wounded but escapes because Amunet got distracted killing some cops.

Iris finds Caitlin tending to her wounds and without memories of her time as Killer Frost. Caitlin stumbles through explaining the situation to Iris and, despite other episodes suggesting otherwise, she ends up saying that they aren’t truly friends, so she didn’t have anyone to talk to about it.

Dibny ends up starting a fight at the club which gets everyone, but Harry sent to jail. While Barry is hugging the toilet tenderly, he talks to Joe about his apparent fear and worry of being a father again. Harry ends up bailing them out before too long though.

With Caitlin’s intel on Amunet’s metal, Felicity is able to track Amunet to a warehouse as the ladies still want to rescue the Weeper. However, they won’t be able to count on Caitlin as she decides to stay behind for fear of losing control again. Iris and Felicity try using guns to intercept Amunet from selling the Weeper to a gang, but they too get caught. Contrary to what she said earlier, Caitlin goes in, after all, transforming into Killer Frost and baring all of her glory and power, rescuing her friends.

The writers finally get their shit together as the fight between Killer Frost and Amunet finally gets leveled. At Iris and Felicity’s command, Cecille turns some roof magnets on, and they are able to get Amunet’s metals stuck which gives Frost an entry to strike her. However, before she kills her former boss, Iris convinces not to do so, leaving Amunet to scream for revenge. They release the Weeper, but he ends up running away from the ladies.

A couple hours later, the two groups reunite as Caitlin decides to explain everything to the gang. Joe goes home to Joanie, who has had some change of heart regarding her work as a pole dancer, despite her beliefs in feminism remaining rightfully unchanged. Cecille walks in and the couple talks about how both of them are scared of the new baby. Additionally, Iris asks Caitlin to be her maid of honor.

Capping off, the Thinker finds the Weeper and blasts him with some sort of weapon, but I don’t think he straight up killed the Weeper, because he did say he had a “task to complete”.

Images Courtesy of the CW

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