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Five Hidden Object Games You Need To Try

This post has been contributed by guest author Sana Bahelim from Wappnotech.

Hidden object puzzle games can offer a relaxing experience where you are the protagonist. You are the one who finds objects and solves puzzles to save the day or get the girl or save the world (or whatever). The story is yours to tell as you take control of your quest.

For this genre to work well, it has to be fun for everyone involved—you as a player, developers and publishers, who all want players to have fun playing their game. If everyone likes this kind of game, then there’s no reason why this genre shouldn’t continue growing in popularity.

Hidden Object : Mystery Place

Hidden Object : Vampire Museum art

Hidden Object : Mystery Place is a game in which you play as an agent searching for objects. It would be best if you found the hidden objects before your time ran out, but it’s not easy — there are many obstacles in your way (i.e buildings, trees) that stand in the way of getting to where you need to go. 

The gameplay focuses on finding objects around various locations while solving puzzles using clues within each scene or area. The main goal is getting into certain rooms or areas where you can use your items (such as keys) to unlock doors leading into new areas where more things await!

It’s free to play and can be downloaded on Android devices!

Hidden Object : Secret

Hidden Object : Secret is a hidden object puzzle game where you play as a detective who must solve a mystery of a palace. 

The game features over 100 hidden object scenes and allows up to 4 players at once, making it great for parties or just having fun with friends!

In Hidden Object : Secret, players work together to find clues that help them piece together the story. They have access to items such as toys, house things and other technology devices; however, there are also plenty of real-world objects like doors and furniture pieces that players need to understand to use effectively during their investigation process (the more information they have about these items will help them make better decisions). This makes Hidden Object : Secret unique from other adventure games because instead of using only your brainpower alone – there’s no shortage of things outside yourself beside yourself!

Hidden Object : Vampire Museum

Hidden Object : Vampire Museum  First Sign is a hidden object puzzle game with a story from. In the vampire museum, you play as a detective trying to discover hidden objects.

The gameplay is similar to other Hopps games: you need to find objects on your list and then click on them with your cursor or mouse button (if available) to move them onto your inventory space. There are also timed events where you must choose between two options quickly before time runs out. When these occur, there will be an arrow above each item that shows which choice was correct; otherwise, there’s no indication, and it’s up to you whether or not you choose correctly!

Hidden Object : Agent Hannah

Hidden Object : Agent Hannah art

Hidden Object : Agent Hannah, is a hidden object puzzle game suitable for all ages. It’s also free, so it’s the perfect choice for people who are short on time but still want to play an addictive game.

The game has 12 chapters, and there are over 100 levels in total. In each group, you need to find objects that match their description on the screen before time runs out or they disappear forever; this will increase your score and earn stars, which can be used towards unlocking additional content such as bonus levels or extra lives!

Hidden object : Agent Hannah is a point-and-click adventure game, which means you’ll be navigating the world by clicking on objects in the environment to open or discover new areas. The puzzles in this game are fun and engaging, with plenty of brain teasers to keep your mind busy while you’re playing!

Agent Hannah has been designed for children and adults who want a little more challenge than other hidden object games on the market today (and perhaps even some adults who might have forgotten their childhood days when things were simpler). It will make an excellent addition to any family’s video library, thanks to its unique gameplay elements that make it stand out from other types of casual entertainment available today!

Hidden Object : Town Secret

Town Secret  is a hidden object puzzle game. You are a detective who has to find clues to solve a mystery, but you’re not sure what kind of mystery it is. The game takes place in an old mansion where you must find all your missing items and solve puzzles along the way.

The gameplay is similar to other HOPA games: you click on items or areas of interest (like bookshelves) and then try to match them up with something else that’s already been found. Town Secret also adds another mechanic called “hints” which allows the player to get hints about what they might be missing when they’re looking at things like pictures or furniture pieces—and if there aren’t enough hints available yet because they haven’t solved everything yet? Well then, maybe this clue will help!

Town Secret Series

  • The game is set in a haunted town, It doesn’t take long for you to discover something strange is happening, but it gets much more complicated when your friend disappears! You must use all your skills as an amateur detective to solve the mystery and save him from whatever forces are at work here.
  • Town Secret Series features plenty of puzzles and hidden object scenes—the latter being one of my favorite parts about this game because they’re so fun! I love seeing all kinds of things on the screen at once, like finding different objects (usually pretty easy) or finding combinations of letters/numbers (which can be harder).

There is no shortage of hidden object puzzle games; they are fun to play. If you like exploring unusual settings and solving puzzles, these games are perfect for you. We hope this article gave you some ideas about what games might best suit your tastes. Remember—no matter your choice, make sure it has plenty of hidden objects!

Sana Bahelim is an ASO specialist at Wappnotech. She is highly passionate about experimenting and exploring new ways to rank applications. However, she also loves to write about hidden object games, android applications, SEO & ASO.

Images via respective owners

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