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Five Frightening Fragrances to Compliment Your Costume This Halloween

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So many fragrances are delightfully theatrical, adding a whole new dimension to whatever outfit they’re paired with. There’s no better time than Halloween to use perfume to add a little pizzazz to your persona. From classy concoctions to ominous odors, we have compiled a list of perfumes that are sure to make your costume come alive.

Zoologist – Bat

I’m sure I sometimes come off as a bit of a Zoologist fanboy, but just look at that name. How are you going to publish a Halloween fragrance list without this musky creature? Zoologist Bat is a fragrance that encapsulates wet caves and furry beasts, a true scent of the night that will turn heads out of fear…and fascination. This combination of ripe fruits and moist minerals is both bursting with personality and carefully constructed; it’s far more civilized that it might seem at first glance. In other words, it’s the perfect perfume companion to a party where you want to appear both wild and well-put together.

Pair with costumes of: Batman, gentlemanly ghouls, and other cave-dwelling characters.

House of Matriarch – Witchmusk

As one of my favorite film reviewers, Mark Kermode, would say: you get what it says on the tin. This concoction recalls headshops and tarot taverns, carrying the scents of autumn brooms and incense along with a delectable selection of seasonal spices. This fragrance will have your friends asking whether you visited the local psychic, or if you’ve got some potions brewing in the basement. Your story is your own to tell with this fragrance – and you’re more than likely going to cast a spell on whatever noses come your way.

Pair with costumes of: witches, wizards, and magical lizards.

Amouage Memoir – Man

Here we have the spooky perfume for the classy lad. This is certainly meant to pair with a black suit or dazzling dress, bearing a lovely foundation of incense and woods that wouldn’t be too out of place at a board meaning. But where Memoir Man shines is in its subtle spookiness, a thread of smoke that wisps from the skin as you there’s a little séance candle burning inside of you. It’s sharp yet pleasant – the ideal companion for a costume that rides the line between classy and clairvoyant.

Pair with costumes of: vampires, well-dressed liars, and anyone else who conspires.

Dior – Fahrenheit

The biggest weirdo at Sephora was always destined for wears beneath the full moon. This grassy, classy petroleum perfume gives off ‘I’ve been somewhere I was not supposed to be’ energy like nobody’s business, confusing your companions when they get a whiff of what’s wafting off you. It’s an explosive combination with any costume that has a pyromaniac spirit lurking beneath, whether you’re looking to set fire to the dancefloor or perhaps something a little more malicious.

Pair with costumes of: Any beast or being that’s suspicious or delicious.

Diptyque – Volutes

I’ve seen a lot of perfumes that attempt to marry the pumpkin spice energy of autumn with its spookier spirit, but few hit the mark. Volutes, however, is nothing short of an excellent fall fragrance perfect for both hayrides and horror. This syrupy honey-tobacco concoction has the naturalistic vibe of a pumpkin patch with the luscious depth of a love potion, riding the fine line between perfumey funk and finesse. If you have a sweet tooth or a taste for countryside hijinks, you’re likely to find Volutes a perfect partner. Definitely don’t sleep on this cuddly concoction.

Pair with costumes of: sugar, spice, things nice or not so nice.

The Fandomentals “Fragdomentals” team base our reviews off of fragrances that we have personally, independently sourced. Any reviews based off of house-provided materials will be explicitly stated.

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