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Exploring Ancient Worlds with Green Lanterns

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Where and when are Jess and Simon? Last issue of Green Lanterns, Volthoom finally showed his hand, and the GL’s narrowly escaped. Simon’s ring was destroyed, and Jessica’s nearly taken before the travel lantern portion of her ring kicked in and sucked them to another time and place. Now, the aftermath. Where are they and what do they do next?

On a Strange Alien World

Wherever they are, it’s a pretty messed up place. There is lava and birdmen and giant insects (gross). Jessica wakes up next to a cute little fire elemental before being set upon by ravenous beasts. She has really hit her stride with her powers since we were introduced to her over a year ago (I guess that time with Guy Gardener wasn’t a total loss after all). She can whip up a construct like nobody’s business. That’s fine for the battle at hand, but what about Simon? What about Rami? Just where the $%&# are they?

Who wouldn’t?

Jessica’s ring can’t tell her anything. It doesn’t know where they are based on stars, and it can’t detect Simon’s ring, as it was destroyed. In fact, it can’t detect any Green Lanterns at all anywhere. Not good. On another part of this alien world, Simon is having his own problems. Namely: he doesn’t have a ring. Since he bravely set down his gun in Gotham city, he doesn’t have one of those either. Somewhere, Batman is laughing.

Friends 4 Ever

I HATE birds…

Just when things look dire, Jessica rescues Simon. Their reunion is heartwarming as heck. They have evolved from a begrudging pair to a super team to genuine friends. Their embrace as they find each other is adorable. They sit down and try to figure things out. Simon’s ring is irreparable, and shards of it are buried in his arm. Jessica can’t communicate with the
League or with Mogo. They are in the dark.

As they ponder what to do next they are set upon by more critters. This planet, wherever it is, is teeming with life, and most of it is trying to eat them. Jessica’s ring (Which totally needs a name, by the way) identifies some white lantern energy coming from the planet. If there is another White Lantern besides the recently re-greened Kyle Rayner, then maybe they can help!

The Original Seven

This issue, we are introduced to the sixth of the original seven Green Lanterns from ten billion years ago. This time, it is an artificial intelligence from a hive mind that had agreed to cut itself off from all contact in order to go out and explore the world. The fear it had to overcome to embark on this mission summons one of the newly-minted rings.

Simon and Jess speed off to find the White Lantern. The ring senses the readings are coming from the center of the planet. Jess and Simon burrow deep, deep underground until they find it. It’s not exactly a white lantern, but it does clue them in to where and when they are. Maybe this planet isn’t so alien after all.

After their suspicions are confirmed, the pair settle back down on the surface to regroup and plan their next move. They have one ring between them, and no conceivable way to get back, but they will find a way. Just then, the ring picks up green lanterns. SEVEN of them. They’re saved! Are they saved? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Lots of Action

This was a pretty fast-paced issue. From the get-go, the Lanterns are pretty much in constant peril from the primitive life forms on this “alien” planet. This gives Jessica a chance to really flex some Green Lantern muscle. Humphries and Cliquet are having a good time, especially Cliquet who is taking his art skills for a walk with Jessica’s constructs. She’s gone from not being able to make anything, to only making abstract shapes, to being able to control huge and fairly complicated things like a giant kitty cat, and hilariously, a baby seat for Simon. She has become as powerful a Green Lantern as any we have seen, and that’s awesome to see. Way to go Jess!

The rest of the book looks great, and there are so many action scenes and weird creatures and landscapes to look at. Cliquet and Hi-Fi had fun with this one, you can tell.

Poor Simon though. He’s been the more capable one for so long, it must be killing him to be sans ring. He feels so useless that it drives him to a full-on panic attack. This is a complete role reversal for the team, and it’s wonderfully done. Jessica and Simon’s dynamic is what keeps us coming back week after week, and this one delivers even as they fight weird monsters and ancient cosmic forces. Through it all though, their friendship is what makes them strong.

Someone is wrong on the internet.

This issue also delivered on all the setup we’ve been seeing since issue #23. As seven Green Lanterns streak through the sky, we can’t help but wonder what these original seven lanterns are like. We got the briefest of introductions over the last five issues including this one, and there is still one original lantern left to meet. We know Alitha, the warrior princess, Z’krann Z’rann, the white Martian, and Tyran’r (who we met briefly in issue #25) who is a leonine mercenary. These three pose a formidable force, and a definite tendency towards violence.

There is also Kaja-Dox and Brill (who we met this issue) who are both formidable intellects. And then there is Calleen, a living plant, who is something of a wild card. Who is the last of the seven and what are they like? We know that Jessica’s ring is one of the original seven, but whose is it? Can the ring exist beside its time-displaced self? Will the original seven help them or hinder them? We’ll get the answer to these and more questions in two weeks. Be here!

Fanfinites Rating: 9/10 gross bug things

Green Lanterns #27: Out of Time Part One: Homeworld

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Ronan Cliquet

Colorist: Hi-Fi

Letters: Dave Sharpe

Images Courtesy of DC Comics

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